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Crypto Mason’s death threats from maxis: Hall of Flame

DeFi should complement TradFi, not attack it: Ava Labs CEO | Davos 2023

The co-founder and CEO of Ava Labs spoke with Cointelegraph at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on the future of DeFi and TradFi as two industries with merging value systems.

What are perpetual futures contracts in cryptocurrency?

A perpetual futures contract does not have an expiration date and aims to profit from the non-delivery of the actual commodity.

Davos 2023: Education is key to driving sustainability in blockchain and beyond

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr moderated a panel discussion at the 2023 Davos conference in Switzerland on sustainability in the world of blockchain.

Bitcoin inches closer to a 10-year record, as other stats turn bullish

Right now, Bitcoin is a day away from matching a nearly 10-year-old record and Ethereum could hit a significant milestone by Q2.

Tucker Carlson outlines wild theory to explain Bitcoin price rise: 'Maximum tin foil'

Members of Crypto Twitter were quick to mock Tucker Carlson, who provided no supporting evidence to back his claims.

Crypto recruitment execs reveal the safest jobs amid layoff season

The crypto industry has already seen more than 1,600 layoffs across the industry in the first two weeks of January.

Polygon enlists Xternity to migrate multiplayer Web3 game from Solana

To help transfer Synergy Land’s resources onto the EVM chain, Xternity proposed a process — via its network migration tool — that can be used to migrate games or projects across chains.

How to resurrect the ‘Metaverse dream’ in 2023

Putting carbon credits on blockchain won’t solve the problem alone: Davos

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr moderated a panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland about pricing carbon credits.

DeFi, DAOs and NFTs: Crypto is redefining how charities raise funds

Crypto donations are so much more than just peer-to-peer Bitcoin and Ether transactions.

Alameda wallet under liquidator control incurred $11.5M in losses: Arkham

According to crypto analytics firm Arkham, at least $4 million of these losses were "preventable losses."

Opinion: The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol will end ecosystem maximalism

IBC is going to allow assets to move between blockchains without the high level of risk inherent to bridging.

Opinion: 2023 is a BUIDL year for crypto gaming

In 2023, GameFi developers should focus on building out quality more than quantity.

How crypto tokens (not Bitcoin) will outperform stocks in 2023, Arca’s CIO explains

Some crypto tokens will perform better than stocks in 2023 as they become less sensitive to macroeconomic factors, according to CIO at Arca Jeff Dorman.

Shiba Inu devs to launch Shibarium L2 network beta

While the developers did not give an exact date for the release, the team reiterated that their answer to all questions relating to the time frame is “soon.”

Cross-border crypto scammers on the hit list for EU agencies

Europol and Eurojust, two EU agencies for law enforcement cooperation, joined authorities from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Serbia to investigate online investment fraud since June 2022.

California cannabis producer adopts blockchain to track its weed

Clones will be certified with a smart contract on the blockchain to verify their authenticity and genetic lineage.

Google Ads-delivered malware drains NFT influencer’s entire crypto wallet

A sponsored advertising link on Google hid malware that siphoned thousands of dollars worth of crypto and NFTs from an influencer’s wallet.

Former FTX US President lashes out at 'insecure' SBF in 49-part Twitter thread rant

Harrison said Bankman-Fried threatened to fire him on the spot and would destroy his professional reputation if he continued to confront the former FTX CEO.