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CoinFLEX creditors dissatisfied with restructuring to OPNX: Report

CoinFLEX creditors claim former CEO Mark Lamb and the OPNX exchange “misappropriated” their assets in a court filing.

FTX’s FTT token rallies 30% — Binance effect or FTX 2.0 reopening?

This surge suggests significant institutional attention despite the token’s historical association with FTX’s financial challenges.

South Korea to invite 100K citizens to test CBDC in 2024

Participants will be restricted to using the CBDC only for payment, without an option to store, exchange or send it to other users.

65% plunge in Web3 Games in ’23 but ‘real hits’ coming, $26M NFL Rivals NFT: Web3 Gamer

Can Shrapnel save Web3 gaming after a horror 2023? Why Disney’s NFT platform is “irrelevant” and the $26M NFT in free mobile game NFL RIvals.

HTX exchange loses $13.6M in hot wallet hack: Report

The incident affected the greater HTX, Tron, and BitTorent ecosystem.

This is your brain on crypto: Substance abuse grows among crypto traders

What is it about crypto trading that can make some users susceptible to substance abuse, and how can they get help?

Former Coinbase exec posits blockchain-driven vision of future societies

Attendees of the Network State Conference in Amsterdam believe that a new tomorrow is possible with decentralized technologies.

HECO Chain bridge compromised, over $86.6M sent to suspicious addresses

Blockchain security firm PeckShield reported that assets like stablecoins, ETH, SHIB, LINK and more were transferred from the bridge. Withdrawals and deposits have been suspended, and Justin Sun has said HTX will fully compensate users for any losses.

Did Binance’s CZ predict his own downfall?

An exclusive interview with Cointelegraph in 2018 highlighted growing scrutiny of Binance's meteoric growth.

Binance, CZ settlement with US DOJ ‘bullish for Bitcoin ETF,’ crypto community says

Community members compared the Binance settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice to the deal with BitMEX crypto exchange, as its CEO was also forced to step down.

Belgium seeks to reboot EU blockchain infrastructure project

The country’s government plans to accelerate the development of a European blockchain infrastructure during its presidency of the Council of the European Union.

CZ departure, Binance deal lead to purge of $175M of crypto longs

Data aggregator DefiLlama showed that Binance’s crypto asset inflows have fallen by over $1 billion in the last 24 hours.

Banrupt crypto lender Genesis sues Gemini to recover $689M worth of 'Preferential Transfers'

Genesis claims Gemini made preferential transfers of about $689,302,00 from Genesis and wants the court to "correct this unfairness."

Circle launches 'bridged USDC standard' for deploying to new networks

Circle published a new standard that allows developers to launch an unofficial bridged version of USDC that can later become native and official.

Michael Saylor’s a fan, but Frisby says bull run needs a new guru: X Hall of Flame

Bitcoiner Dominic Frisby counts Michael Saylor as a fan… but says we need a new Bitcoin evangalist & narrative to propel the next bull run.

Can blockchain supply the guardrails to keep AI on course?

Some believe that hybrid blockchains with both private and public aspects can solve AI’s black-box problem.

Aragon DAO votes to fund legal action against its founders

The DAO expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s recent move to dissolve its governing body and shut down its token without consulting its community.

Binance $3.9B USDT move gains community attention amid DoJ settlement claims

Binance transferred $3.9 billion USDT between its wallets, days before a report about a $4 billion settlement with the United States Justice Department was published.

dYdX founder blames V3 central components for 'targeted attack,' involves FBI

dYdX founder Antonio Juliano said they’re working to find the original culprit behind the exploit, and they’d rather pay community members who help in the investigation than the exploiter.

Security firm dWallet Labs flags validator vulnerability that could affect $1B in crypto

Validator service provider InfStones disagreed and told Cointelegraph that “nothing close to $1 billion in assets would be at risk,” even in the worst-case scenario.