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Miami blockchain folk hero secures $5M for community tokenization

The fund will be used to help residents secure affordable housing through blockchain initiatives.

South Korean Prime Minister calls for disclosure of crypto holdings by high-ranking officials

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo reportedly believes that including cryptocurrency in property registration is the right thing to do.

LayerZero partners with Immunefi to launch $15M bug bounty

The program offers a maximum reward of $15 million for anyone who identifies vulnerabilities classified as high severity. adds Pay support for MATIC, USDC and DAI

The cryptocurrency exchange's DeFi wallet and Pay service launched a new update adding support for more countries and tokens.

Ripple acquires Swiss blockchain custody firm Metaco for $250M

Metaco raised $17 million in a Series A funding round in 2020. The company raised $20 million in total before being acquired.

Bitcoin self-custody advocate explains why on-ramps are key to adoption

Cypherpunk Jameson Lopp highlights the need for easier-to-use, improved self-custody solutions and more on-ramp avenues to drive Bitcoin adoption.

Telegram addresses camera exploit, points to Apple macOS security permissions

Messaging app Telegram denies users were at risk after a security exploit was discovered that could allow attackers to gain control of a device’s camera on macOS systems.

Anchorage Digital opens up DeFi voting for custody clients

Anchorage joins AAVE, Lido and BitDAO in adopting the off-chain voting platform Snapshot.

Distributed ledger tech could save TradFi $100B a year: Lobby group

A new report from the Global Financial Markets Association says regulators need to take distributed ledger technology more seriously.

Crypto retail trading should be regulated as gambling: UK lawmakers

The volatility and purported lack of intrinsic value of most crypto assets make it particularly risky for consumers, the politicians claimed.

Lightning Labs launches rebranded 'Taro' amid Bitcoin's BRC-20 bottleneck

Lightning Labs have unveiled a new solution to the clunky process for minting new assets on the Bitcoin network.

CoinShares posts highest quarterly earnings since Q1 2022

Crypto investment firm CoinShares posted its most profitable quarter in a year, according to its latest quarterly earnings report.

Can you recover stolen Bitcoin from crypto scams?

Recovering stolen Bitcoin from crypto scams is challenging due to the anonymous nature of blockchain transactions and jurisdictional issues.

Crypto community reacts to Ledger wallet's secret recovery phrase service

Many members of the crypto community believe Ledger's latest seed phrase recovery feature is a bad idea.

How blockchain is revolutionizing the gaming industry?

GameFi is the new gaming frontier, providing an innovative model using blockchain and DeFi. Here’s all you need to know about blockchain-based games.

‘Trusted seller’ vends fake Trezor wallets stealing crypto: Kaspersky

Cryptocurrency users are once again reminded about the importance of using only authentic hardware wallets.

Ordinals turned Bitcoin into a worse version of Ethereum: Can we fix it?

Deluged by NFTs and memecoins, Bitcoin has suddenly become a worse version of Ethereum. There are conflicting ideas about how to fix it.

Libra-related Sui blockchain fixes critical bug that put ‘billions’ at risk

The vulnerability was located in a file that translates human-readable code into machine language for storage.

Optimism’s major ‘Bedrock’ upgrade set for June 6

The much-needed upgrade will provide a number of improvements across the network, and come at a time when competition in the layer 2 space has been heating up.

US Secret Service holds crypto, praises blockchain tech in Reddit AMA

In a crypto-themed AMA session on Reddit on May 15, the U.S. Secret Service answered a wide range of questions and revealed their little-known NFT collection.