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Paris Hilton, a16z back IP ownership network Story Protocol

Andreessen Horowitz, Paris Hilton and Samsung have invested in the new blockchain-based open IP collaboration network, Story Protocol.

Sam Bankman-Fried appeal against bail revocation 'meritless': Prosecutors

The New York South District court revoked former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s bail on Aug. 11 after an appeal from the prosecution in July citing multiple instances of violation of bail conditions.

New $20M fund eyes blockchain gaming and NFTs

Web3 venture capitalists will look to invest in blockchain gaming and collectibles projects through a new $20 million fund.

DApp store for your wallet: Consensys readying cross-chain Metamask Snaps

The upcoming MetaMask Snaps will allow users to interact with different blockchains like Bitcoin and Solana from inside their MetaMask wallet.

AI-coded smart contracts may be flawed and 'fail miserably' when attacked: CertiK

CertiK’s security chief Kang Li thinks inexperienced programmers using AI tools such as ChatGPT to write smart contracts is a recipe for disaster.

Base suffers first major outage since launch

Block production on Base abruptly halted for 43 minutes as developers rushed to implement a fix.

80 Chinese crypto influencer accounts shut down in latest crackdown

The accounts had over 8 million in combined followers before they were removed.

Coinbase to upsize debt repurchase by $30M

The exchange will repurchase a total of $180 million in 2031 senior notes.

Visa taps into Solana to widen USDC payment capability

The global payments firm has expanded its stablecoin settlement capability to include USDC tokens issued on the Solana blockchain.

40% of crypto trading platforms are decentralized: World Federation of Exchanges

The World Federation of Exchanges noted that retail demand is higher for crypto products, but there’s a lack of awareness around investor protection.

Tether’s Ardoino says it’s now a top buyer of US Treasury bills, holds $72.5B

The amount of exposure places Tether in the top 22 biggest holders of U.S. Treasury bills, ranking above countries like Spain, Mexico, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Crypto lawyer Irina Heaver on death threats, lawsuit predictions: Hall of Flame

Irina Heaver moved to crypto after she could no longer “sit in the boardroom listening to that corporate bullshit.“

Nima Capital goes dark after dumping 9M SYN tokens, community calls it VC rug

The VC firm had received a grant from the project in return for locking $40 million worth of liquidity in SYN.

Cronos Labs begins recruitment phase for $100M accelerator program

Cronos tapped Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, CertiK, PeckShield and various other firms to participate as mentors in the accelerator program.

Vitalik Buterin on fix for Ethereum centralization — make running nodes easier

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says node centralization is one of Ethereum's main challenges but the perfect solution may not come for another 20 years.

Micro $3 Bitcoin miners won’t make bank, but that’s not the point: Inventors

Pocket-sized Bitcoin miners are a stand against the “secrecy and exclusivity” of the Bitcoin mining industry, according to their inventors.

Grayscale victory, SEC delays decision on Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded

Grayscale victory doesn't help Bitocoin spot ETF approval on first deadline as SEC postpones decison to next deadline.

Failure to tax the metaverse ‘will create a tax haven’ — Harvard legal expert

Harvard scholar Christine Kim writes that income and wealth in the metaverse should be subject to immediate taxation.

Bybit debuts AI-powered 'TradeGPT' for market analysis and data driven Q&A

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has released a free AI-powered trading assistant delivering insights from the platform’s market data.

Ronaldo teases NFT plans while on a lie detector test

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if he currently owns any NFTs and if he plans to release more NFT collections.