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Jack Ma surrenders control of fintech giant Ant Group

After founding Ant Group in 2014, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is now ceding control of the company as part of Ant’s corporate structure changes.

Illicit crypto transactions reached all-time highs in 2022: Report

The abnormal amount of illicit transactions is caused by the equally record-breaking scale of international sanctions.

Scam alert: MetaMask warns crypto users about address poisoning

The scammers will use wallet addresses generated from vanity address generators and match the first and last characters of their victim’s wallet address.

Play-to-earn falling out of favor after 'massive shift in priority' — BGA survey

Gameplay improvements will be the biggest driver of blockchain gaming adoption in 2023, according to a survey from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

Nifty News: 'Degen' season returns with feet NFTs, disappointing Game of Thrones NFTs and more

Foot fetishists and crypto degens have taken interest in an NFT collection boasting 10,000 unique pixelated trotters with over $1 million in trading volume.

Ava Labs partners with AWS to offer one-click node deployment

Other new features include a subnet deployment service and GovCloud integration for compliance-friendly Dapps

Huobi delists 33 tokens in one day citing trading risk, low volume

Some tokens were delisted due to "severe violation of regulations."

FTX has recovered over $5B in cash and liquid crypto: Report

Previous reports suggested that FTX saw losses peak at nearly $9 billion in total liabilities.

Abu Dhabi-based Venom Foundation launches $1B fund for Web3 and blockchain

Venom Ventures Fund is allocating $1 billion to invest in Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and services.

Music NFTs are helping independent creators monetize and build a fanbase

The Agenda podcast chats with Adam Levy of Mint and rapper Jay Kila about nonfungible tokens, Web3 and the struggles of being an independent musician.

WazirX releases proof of reserves with majority of funds in Binance wallets

The cryptocurrency exchange released its proof of reserves and proclaimed to be India’s largest exchange both in volume and reserve funds.

Albright Capital drops lawsuit against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon

Terraform Labs is the founder of US Dollar Terra (UST), an algorithmic stablecoin that lost its peg in May 2022. delists USDT for Canadian users following OSC ban

Registered cryptocurrency exchanges in Ontario, Canada cannot list USDT due to regulatory prohibition.

Flare (FLR) airdrops 15% of total supply to XRP holders before correcting by 76%

After a 2-year wait, the layer-1 Flare blockchain has finally followed through and sent its tokens to those who held XRP at the time of the snapshot.

Ex-Coinbase manager's brother sentenced to 10 months in insider trading case

This is believed to be the first insider trading case involving cryptocurrency.

Yearn​.finance opens vault deployment access to all users

“All factory-deployed vaults have no management fees and a flat 10% performance fee,” the DeFi project wrote.

The Easy Company secures $14.2M funding for new crypto wallet with social features

The company says it wants to make it easier for users to engage with Web3 and use digital wallets.

Cosmos EUR stablecoin project to unwind after 2 years

"The lack of real-world applications for blockchain has led to low demand for non-USD stablecoins," e-Money wrote.

Your guide to crypto in Toronto: Crypto City

Binance employees to adhere to 90-day period prior to trading

The cryptocurrency exchange confirmed its 3-month policy to prohibit insider trading by employees and their relevant family members.