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Polygon primed for hard fork aimed at reducing gas fee spikes: New details revealed

Polygon told Cointelegraph that the hard fork will take effect at block 38,189,056, which will be initiated without the influence of centralized actors.

One of the largest US colleges has begun teaching students about Bitcoin

The professor said a “Programming Bitcoin” course will follow the first Bitcoin course, where students will learn how to “build a Bitcoin library from scratch.”

SBF denies stealing FTX assets, SEC charges Gemini and Genesis, and more: Hodler’s Digest: Jan. 8-14

How to connect the Avalanche network to MetaMask?

Avalanche users can enjoy Ethereum Web3 and DeFi applications by connecting the network to MetaMask. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing it.

Cointelegraph heads to Davos for World Economic Forum

Cointelegraph will be on the ground as prominent figures from the cryptocurrency and blockchain space converge on Davos during the World Economic Forum.

Alameda Research liquidators lost $72,000 during a fund consolidation attempt

The loss occurred while Alameda Research liquidators were attempting to close a borrow position on Aave, but instead, removed the extra collateral used for the position.

3 blockchain use cases far beyond crypto

Blockchains are decentralized, transparent, and increase the capacity of a whole network, while giving users full control of their data.

What is regenerative finance (ReFi), and how does it impact NFTs and Web3?

NFT Steez chats with Celo’s NFT lead, Mashiat Mutmainnah, about the promise of ReFi and its capacity to promote environmental and social good.

Decentralized social media a game changer for creator monetization: Web3 exec

Decentralized social media platforms could provide the potential for users to own their content, and data, and make decisions about monetization.

Hodlnaut creditors reject the restructuring plan, prefer liquidation

Hodlnaut downplayed its exposure to the Terra ecosystem, but an investigation into the embattled crypto lender shows it lost $190 million in the Terra crash.

Web3 can help artists and companies manage music metadata: B2B music exec

Web3 features such as NFTs and blockchain-based systemization offer clarity and a new sense of accessibility to managing music metadata.

'Wall of worry' led to digital wallets, blockchain tech ignored: Cathie Wood

Market uncertainty calls for an opportunity to take advantage of disruptive innovation which has historically "gained share during turbulent times," says ARK Invest CEO.

Cardano ecosystem set to expand with custom-built sidechains

The toolkit will allow for creators of sidechains to choose their own consensus mechanism and other application-specific features, whilst inheriting the security of the main chain.

Here's how to quickly spot a deepfake crypto scam — cybersecurity execs

The fast-paced nature of the crypto markets means investors are under massive pressure to quickly verify whether a video message is authentic or not.

Cryptocurrency is headed toward surviving its first age

Despite the downbeat market, blockchain-based tech — from the internet of things to the metaverse — is primed to represent trillions in new value by 2030.

Huobi employees revolt, GameFi lives, Antminer on steroids: Asia Express

Crypto Community unimpressed by SBF’s lengthy substack letter

In the letter, SBF denied stealing funds and stashing billions of dollars away.

90% of businesses adopting blockchain technology, data

A new survey from CasperLabs found that despite education gaps, enterprise adoption of blockchain technology in the U.S., U.K. and China is set to increase in the next year.

‘Deflation’ is a dumb way to approach tokenomics… and other sacred cows

Breaking: DCG owes creditors over $3B, considering $500M VC portfolio sale

Crypto broker Genesis allegedly owes $900 million to clients of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini alone.