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Big banks are nudging the SEC for a slice of sweet Bitcoin ETF action

The banking associations argued that U.S. banks were “notably absent” as asset custodians for Bitcoin ETFs despite them playing that role for other ETPs.

Coin Metrics research shows BTC and ETH are immune to 51% attacks

New research from Coin Metrics found that 51% and 34% attacks on Bitcoin and Ethereum are no longer possible from nation-state attackers if their goal was to destroy the blockchains.

Stablecoins could boost dollar as global reserve currency: Fed governor

The rapid growth of crypto could threaten dollar dominance, but that’s unlikely due to the popularity of U.S. dollar stablecoins, says the Fed’s Christopher Waller.

Hong Kong crypto stocks surge, OKX to invest in L1s: Asia Express

Hong Kong crypto stocks surge even as local markets tank, OKX to invest in L1s, Philippines central bank hates retail CBDCs. Asia Express

Coinbase shares surge 12.7% after fourth-quarter earnings beat

Coinbase’s net income of $273 million marks the firm’s first profitable quarter since Q4 2021.

Elizabeth Warren’s bill ‘wouldn’t do anything’ to stop terrorist financing in crypto — US lawmaker

Representative French Hill challenged aspects of a bill amending the Bank Secrecy Act, implying requirements be impossible to apply to crypto miners and validators.

Ethiopia makes data center deal with Hong Kong company, may start mining

The Ethiopian government investment fund has signed an MoU with Data Center Service on a $250-million data mining and AI training deal.

VC Roundup: Blockchain infrastructure, data analytics and BTC for DeFi catching investors' attention

Lava Protocol, Analog, Helika, Truflation, and Omega are among the startups securing funding in the first half of February.

Starknet populated by airdrop hunters ahead of token launch: Report

Like many other airdrops, the much anticipated Ethereum L2 STRK airdrop has allegedly captured the attention of token farmers.

Bitcoin bears beware — BTC's rally above $52K is much healthier than before

Bitcoin price continues to show strength even as traders refuse to use leverage for bullish positions. Cointelegraph explains why.

Klaytn, Finschia blockchains merge, with new foundation to form in Abu Dhabi

The blockchains have their origins in Japanese and South Korean messaging systems, but they are looking to become Asia’s biggest Web3 ecosystem.

WWE gets digital Donruss Elite cards on Panini blockchain

Here’s hoping John Cena’s digital Donruss Elite does better than his NFTs did.

Crypto laundering evolves with Lazarus Group’s bridge tactics

Crypto laundering has decreased overall, although sophisticated crypto criminals such as the Lazarus Group are shifting from mixers to cross-chain bridges.

Sky Mavis to slash Ronin DEX liquidity rewards by 50%

The decision to slash $5.72 million in quarterly LP rewards comes after a wild surge in the price of RON tokens.

President of Queens’ College Cambridge warns AI could wipe out mid-level asset managers

AI tools such as ChatGPT and Gemini have the potential to be both a destructive and lucrative force in the field of asset management.

Bitcoin is now at or near all-time highs in these 5 fiat currencies

Bitcoin users in the United Kingdom are increasingly close to record BTC price territory, while Japan and Turkey enter price discovery.

Coinbase stock jumps ahead of earnings, boosted by JPMorgan’s rating upgrade

Despite potential unprofitability and legal challenges, Coinbase’s stock rose ahead of its earnings report thanks in part to JPMorgan’s rating upgrade.

Bonding curves in DeFi, explained

Discover the ins and outs of bonding curves in DeFi and their role in shaping token pricing dynamics and liquidity provision within blockchain ecosystems.

Is this the best NFT collection in the world? DCinvestor, NFT Collector

NFT Collector DCinvestor — who may have the world’s best collection — says the Apple Vision Pro is a game changer for appreciating NFTs.

Tennessee House advances ELVIS Act to protect musicians against AI infringement

The Tennessee House Banking and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee has passed a bill aimed at safeguarding musicians from AI infringement, with unanimous support.