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Grayscale’s Mini Bitcoin ETF ‘cheap’ fees are ‘hypothetical’ — analysts

Grayscale's new Mini Bitcoin ETF will be around ten times cheaper than GBTC's fees, but Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas says it's too soon to get excited.

a16z snubs crypto, Mango Markets exploiter found guilty and Worldcoin launches blockchain network: Hodler’s Digest, April 14-20

The Cyprus SEC extends FTX Europe license suspension, a16z snubs crypto investment and Worldcoin launches blockchain: Hodler’s Digest

Binance tax evasion trial moved to May 17 in Nigeria

Gambaryan’s lawyer, Chukwuka Ikuazom, objected, citing Nigerian law, stating he couldn’t plead until Binance, the primary defendant, was served.

The 2024 Bitcoin halving is the “most bullish” setup for BTC price

Despite a pre-halving slump in ETF inflows, Bitcoin could resume its rally to new all-time highs as the next wave of institutional investors are preparing to gain exposure to BTC.

USA to forge AI partnership with Nigeria for economic growth

The partnership aims to strengthen economic ties and ensure that AI deployment is safe, secure, transparent, and trustworthy.

Bitcoin halving: Why it’s important for BTC scarcity

Bitcoin's most important economic mechanism, the halving, could legitimize Bitcoin as a store of value asset for the digital age, seeking more liquid assets than real estate or gold.

Bitcoin halving 2024: 5 ways it’s different this time

Since the previous halving, the number of crypto users has surged 400%, not including the impact of the spot Bitcoin ETF launch in the United States.

Nigeria launches first multilingual large language model in Africa

Communications Minister Dr. Bosun Tijani revealed a collaboration between 21st Century Technologies, and Galaxy Backbone to expedite the progress of artificial intelligence projects crucial to the nation.

Pro-XRP lawyer requests to be amicus curiae for Coinbase customers

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton says the urge to protect the customers "isn't about crypto," but more so about protecting the people that want to "build a little wealth."

Bitcoin halving hype breaks week-long ETFs outflow streak

Five of the 10 approved ETFs recorded positive inflows that overshadowed the GBTC outflows, bringing in a total of $30.4 million to the spot BTC ETF market.

Where will Bitcoin's price be at the next halving in 2028?

Experts say the price of Bitcoin could top $200,000 by 2028 but concerns around network security and miner profitability still loom.

Bitcoin mining stocks saw spikes across the board ahead of halving event

Riot Platforms' share price outpaced other mining firms in the last 24 hours of the trading week, coinciding with a new Texas mining facility announcement.

Bitcoin users spend record $2.4M in fees on halving block

The 2024 halving block has gone down as the most expensive block ever mined in Bitcoin’s history — with users scrambling to inscribe rare assets via the new Runes Protocol.

Bitcoin halving 2024 — Done and dusted!

The landmark occasion sees a reduction in Bitcoin miner rewards, dropping from 6.25 BTC per mined block to 3.125 BTC.

Here’s where you can catch the Bitcoin halving live

With Bitcoin undergoing its fourth-ever halving on April 20, here's where you can watch Bitcoin block number 840,000 tick over.

Crypto users propose dropping lawsuit against Sam Bankman-Fried to pursue FTX influencers

Subject to approval, the proposed settlement would resolve a civil suit between the former FTX CEO and users seeking recourse for losses during the fall of the crypto exchange.

IRS releases draft of 2025 digital asset reporting form for US taxpayers

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has been grappling with crypto tax reporting for years, and they may have a ways to go still.

Here’s how crypto game Notcoin onboarded over 30M users — founder

Notcoin co-creator Sasha Plotvinov said the goal was to bridge the gap between Telegram users and crypto.

Chainlink co-founder expects more coins to have ETFs — Token2049

Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov believes the crypto space will “keep pushing the limits” of what’s possible.

Institutional adoption in blockchain and crypto at its highest point, says BlockDaemon strategist

Barnaby Hodgkins is bullish on mass adoption, Ethereum ETFs, and the future of the industry.