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Justin Sun vs. SEC, Do Kwon arrested, 180M player game taps Polygon: Asia Express

Chinese crypto billionaire Justin Sun sued by SEC, Do Kwon busted in Casino Royale location, game with 180 million players embraces Polygon.

Investors have more work to do in ensuring the success of Web3: PBW2023

At Paris Blockchain Week 2023, a group of Web3 professionals discussed how this new paradigm is disrupting traditional business models and creating opportunities for startups and investors.

Ledger CEO: The collapse of banks is a ‘crash course to Bitcoin’ | PBW 2023

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said that anyone trying to centralize crypto will fail, saying that centralization and crypto are "two magnets that’s just not going to stick together."

Breaking: Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon reportedly arrested in Montenegro

The former blockchain executive is wanted by Interpol for his role in the $40 billion collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem during May 2022.

US enforcement agencies are turning up the heat on crypto-related crime

How governments decide to go after crimes committed with crypto could color the industry’s public perception and how the space is regulated.

How blockchain can help reimagine a new state in Africa

Eche Emole, the co-founder of Afropolitan, explains how the nation-state experiment has failed, especially in Africa, and how blockchain can be used to reimagine a new state.

Chainalysis breaks down how scammers adapt during the bear market

As crypto traders became wary of making investment decisions amid the Terra collapse in 2022, scammers shifted to free giveaways and romance scams.

Aussie crypto exchange hints interest in Hong Kong base, but it’ll depend

The CEO of Independent Reserve says Hong Kong's "friendly" licensing regime makes it a worthy destination to set up shop, but there are other factors to consider.

Xapo Bank to enable USDC deposits and withdrawals

According to the Bitcoin custodian, utilizing the USDC stablecoin will allow members to deposit and withdraw funds without fees.

Deloitte dives into immersive experiences as more industries turn to Web3

The Big 4 accounting firm is betting on immersive experiences and other Web3 solutions to address various corporate needs.

French lawmakers propose ban on crypto influencer promotions

According to the proposal, individuals caught violating these prohibitions could face a two-year prison sentence and a 30,000 euro fine.

Blockchain messaging is going to replace Telegram and Discord

Your crypto wallet will become your mailbox and offer functionalities that Web2 messaging platforms like Discord and Telegram can only dream about.

7 free learning resources to land top data science jobs

Discover seven free resources to learn data science and land top jobs.

Circle CSO Twitter account breached by scammers

"Any links to offers are scams. We are investigating the situation and taking action accordingly," wrote USDC issuer Circle.

Tether CTO on USDC depeg: ‘Bitcoin maxis were right all along’ | PBW 2023

Paolo Ardoino said that recent events in the crypto space demonstrate that Bitcoiners were right and that Bitcoin is the “ultimate way” to hold wealth.

Creating ‘organic’ generative art from robotic algorithms: Emily Xie, NFT Creator

New York NFT artist Emily Xie explores the tension between creativity and “cold and robotic” algorithms. Punk6529 and DC Investor are collectors.

Multi-chain wallet BitKeep raises $30M at $300M valuation

The firm previously raised $15M at a $100M valuation in May 2022.

PBW 2023 explores the current state of the blockchain space

Circle’s chief strategy officer Dante Disparte said at a Paris Blockchain Week panel that while the chain is currently not strong, people are continuing to build and develop.

Ethereum as a deflationary asset, explained

Deflationary tokens like Ethereum are the key to differentiating Web3 ecosystems from traditional capital markets.

Visa: Token bridges were a favored target for thieves in 2022

The fraudsters would normally exploit the smart contracts to allow for the approval of unauthorized transactions.