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Bitcoin BRC-20 token standard becomes a new destination for meme tokens

BRC-20 token market cap has seen a 600% rise over the past week, and its transaction volume has overtaken the standard BTC transactions on the network.

FBI, Ukraine seize 9 exchange domains on money laundering allegations

The authorities claimed the exchanges allowed cybercriminals to flout anti-money laundering measures.

Retail CBDCs bring unknown 'consequences' to financial system: IMF director

The IMF's Kristalina Georgieva said wholesale CBDCs, on the other hand, have “fairly little space for undesirable surprises.”

Sports Illustrated launches Polygon-based NFT ticketing platform

SI's new service, called "Box Office," will allow event organizers to issue commemorative nonfungible token tickets, including pre-attendance and post-event audience perks.

The ABCs of Crypto: Teaching the next generation of Web3 users

This latest report presents an overview of two of the most popular use cases for blockchain technology — DeFi and NFTs — to help onboard the next generation of crypto users.

Blur NFT lending surpasses $16M in loans, led by Machi Big Brother

The milestone comes just one day after the protocol's launch on May 1.

Student interest in ChatGPT skills on Udemy increased by 4,419% since 2022: Report

The latest topic consumption report from Udemy shows an increase in interest in ChatGPT as well as skills related to cloud computing and blockchain.

Crypto and AI: Control the robots, incentivize the humans

Does AI need blockchain and crypto to incentivise the humans in the loop — or to help keep the robots in line?

Darknet hackers are selling crypto accounts for as low as $30 a pop

Prices of hacked cryptocurrency accounts still fetch the highest prices among hacked online accounts, according to online data security provider Privacy Affairs.

Level Finance confirms $1M exploit due to buggy smart contract

An attacker manipulated a “claim multiple” bug in a Level Finance smart contract to steal more than 214,000 LVL tokens from the exchange.

Liquid staking solutions now have more TVL than DEXs: DefiLlama

From April 13 to May 1, TVL on decentralized exchanges declined by $1.66 billion while it increased on liquid staking protocols by $280 million.

Blur introduces NFT perpetual lending protocol

Borrowing positions automatically roll their expiry, and can be refinanced should one party unilaterally decide to terminate.

Justin Sun issues apology after Sui LaunchPool clash with Binance CEO

Nearly $4 billion has been staked in Binance's Sui farming pools in anticipation of the layer -1 blockchain's airdrop.

More TPS, less gas: Ethereum layer 2 Starknet outlines performance upgrades

Starknet makes performance improvements top priority in 2023, aiming to increase throughput, lower latency and reduce transaction costs.

AI Eye: Is Hollywood over? ETH founder on AI, Wes Anderson Star Wars, robot dogs with ChatGPT brains

Does AI technology spell doom for Hollywood? Joe Lubin on AI, Wes Anderson’s Star Wars, and AI tasked with destroying humanity goes dark.

Jack Dorsey’s nano Bitcoin mining chip heads to prototype

Block has completed the design of its new prototype ASIC chip which it says will fast-track its plan to bring “open source” Bitcoin mining rig design to market.

2 reasons why Bitcoin Ordinals are ‘positive’ for the BTC: Grayscale

Ordinals have been a controversial topic within the Bitcoin community but crypto investment firm Grayscale says there’s two main reasons to be optimistic.

Visa stablecoin plan, debt’s ceiling effect on Bitcoin price: Hodler’s Digest, April 23-29

Circle launches cross-chain transfer protocol, Visa shares plans for stablecoin product, Kraken fights back in court, and more.

Mastercard launches Web3 user verification solution to curb bad actors

Mastercard’s new solution revolves around providing “secure transactions between users, verified according to standards” set by the company.

UK Treasury seeks input on taxing DeFi staking and lending: Finance Redefined

The UK Treasury is seeking input on taxing the DeFi space, and on provisions around staking and lending.