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Turkish automaker Togg onboards Metaco for crypto custody and governance

The partnership with Metaco will see the use of its digital asset custody and orchestration platform, Harmonize, to safeguard the custody and governance of Togg’s digital assets.

Terra accidental airdrop leads to smear campaign, community member claims

TFL claimed that the airdrop receiver refused to return the funds, while the user claimed that he was on the verge of settlement with the firm when the former decided to run a smear campaign.

Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program launches and is seeking Web3 startups

The program aims to help Web3 companies boost their media presence, community growth and brand awareness.

5 sneaky tricks crypto phishing scammers used last year: SlowMist

SlowMist found that across 303 recorded blockchain security incidents in 2022, nearly a third were made up of phishing attacks, rug pulls and scams.

CoinMarketCap-led token airdrops ‘infected by fraud,’ crypto project claims

A crypto project claims a promotional token airdrop campaign led by CoinMarketCap was riddled with "fraud" that left its token price crumbling.

Layer-1 EVM oracle platform Flare launches to boost interoperable DApps

Layer 1 EVM blockchain Flare goes online, aimed at providing developers a platform to build decentralized interoperability applications.

NY law firm investigates potential 'securities fraud' at Core Scientific

The investigation was prompted by a report from Culper Research, which alleged that Core Scientific had "wildly oversold" its mining and hosting businesses.

What is the Trust Wallet and how do you use it?

Trust Wallet is a secure noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple blockchains.

Crypto billionaires' subsequent deaths spark wild theories among the community

Many blamed the deaths on billionaires’ past, while others suspected some form of foul play and even execution.

Touch, smell become the next big thing for the metaverse at CES 2023

A firm called OVR Technology showcased a virtual reality headset that contained eight aromas that can be combined to generate various scents.

Logan Paul backflips on defamation lawsuit against Coffeezilla, apologizes

Logan Paul has deleted his response video aimed at Coffeezilla and has apologized in a surprise u-turn.

Wyre imposes up to a 90% withdrawal limit for all users

Wyre imposed a daily withdrawal limit on its platform subject, citing “the best interest of our community.”

SBF pleads not guilty, crypto layoffs, and bank run on Silvergate: Hodler’s Digest, Jan. 1-7

Using blockchain technology to combat retail theft

Blockchain technology may be a solution when it comes to anti-theft measures for retailers.

Mastercard partners with Polygon to launch Web3 musician accelerator program

The program will help five emerging artists set up and manage their brands in the Web3 space, and is also aimed at educating people in the music scene on what avenues Web3 tech can offer them.

$3.9 billion lost in the cryptocurrency market in 2022: Report

The report from Immunefi revealed hacks to have been the main cause of related losses.

December DeFi exploits were the lowest in 2022: Finance Redefined

The DeFi market didn't see much change in its first week of new year compared to the last week of 2022 as the price momentum remained in a similar zone.

Huobi net outflows crossed over 60M within the past 24 hours: Report

According to a report by Nansen, approximately $94.2 million has flowed out of the exchange within the past week.

Marathon Digital experiments with overclocking to increase competitive advantage

According to the company, it produced 475 BTC in December 2022, bringing its total mined Bitcoins in the fiscal year of 2022 to 4,144 BTC.

Crypto companies aim to build trust within future products and services

Companies are taking new approaches to building trust within Web3 and crypto products.