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Price analysis 12/18: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, AVAX, DOGE

Bitcoin may remain under pressure for a few days, but a collapse is unlikely, as traders are expected to buy the dips in anticipation of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Former LDO holder files class-action lawsuit against Lido DAO for crypto losses

The investor claimed that 64% of LDO tokens are controlled by just a few venture capital firms, preventing ordinary investors from having any control over decisions.

BlackRock revises BTC ETF filing, El Salvador’s crypto citizenship trending, and more: Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 10-16

BlackRock updates its Bitcoin ETF application to enable banks, demand for El Salvador’s crypto-linked citizenship, and Sam Bankman-Fried’s attorney interview.

Price analysis 12/15: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, DOT, MATIC

Bitcoin and select altcoins are witnessing profit-booking on rallies, increasing the likelihood of a short-term pullback.

Spot Bitcoin ETF approval to propel BTC to $1M in ‘days to weeks,’ says Samson Mow

Bitcoin is likely to reach $1 million quickly due to a “torrent of money” coming from institutional investors in 2024, according to the Jan3 CEO.

Ethereum community adopts ERC-3643 as standard for compliant asset tokenization

The ERC-3643 Ethereum Improvement Proposal reached its final stage, emerging as a recognized standard for tokenizing real-world assets.

Korean crypto firm raises $140M, China’s $1.4T AI sector, Huobi battle: Asia Express

Korean crypto firm pulls off the biggest raise in Asia this year, AI market in China is now worth $1.4T, and Huobi trademark court battle.

Ledger CEO explains hack, calls it ‘isolated incident’

CEO and chairman Pascal Gauthier says the company is working with law enforcement to “find this bad actor, bring them to justice.”

Ledger breach possibly affecting whole EVM ecosystem — Linea

Wallet provider MetaMask was also affected by the incident. Ledger released a patch to resolve the issue but warned users to wait 24 hours before using its connector library again.

J1mmy.eth once minted 420 Bored Apes… and had NFTs worth $150M: NFT Creator

NFT collector J1mmy.eth trades like Warren Buffett, his collection peaked at $150 million, and he once minted 420 Bored Apes with Pranksy.

Bitcoin to surge to $80K as stablecoins overtake Visa in 2024: Bitwise

Bitwise isn’t alone in its bullishness on stablecoins with Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire predicting the explosive growth of the sector due to a “huge appetite” for digital dollars.

Immutable’s zkEVM to eliminate Web3 gaming gas fees

Immutable’s blockchain protocol will allow the game studio to cut out gas fees for users, which are widely cited as a significant barrier to Web3 gaming adoption.

SEC pushes deadline for decision on Invesco Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF to 2024

The commission had until Dec. 23 to decide or punt on approval or disapproval for the spot crypto investment vehicle.

Donald Trump, FIFA and Megadeth NFTs, trading volume nears $1B: Nifty Newsletter

NFT platform Enjin migrated 200 million NFTs from Ethereum and a sidechain to its blockchain network.

Price analysis 12/13: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, DOT, MATIC

Bitcoin and altcoins are trying to find support at lower levels, indicating that the sentiment remains positive, and that traders are buying the dips.

Enterprise blockchain Coti set to become Ethereum privacy-centric layer 2 in 2024

Coti will look to provide privacy-focused functionality to the Ethereum ecosystem as a new layer-2 protocol.

Terrorism & Israel-Gaza war weaponized to destroy crypto

Anti-crypto politicians in Washington are weaponizing disputed claims about crypto funding Hamas to try and pass draconian new legislation.

German asset manager DWS joins Galaxy to issue euro stablecoin

AllUnity, a new joint venture by DWS, Galaxy, and Flow Traders, plans to issue the euro stablecoin on all major public permissionless L1s and L2s, as well as DeFi use cases.

Celestia to integrate with Polygon CDK for data availability in 2024

Celestia will become an option for data availability within the Polygon CDK software.

Ethereum scaling firm =nil; Foundation introduces security-focused zkEVM

A new Ethereum zero-knowledge proof compiler could address security concerns identified in different zkEVM solutions.