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UK's Travel Rule comes into effect, could halt certain crypto transfers

The crypto Travel Rule, which came into effect on Sept. 1, aims to stop anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing activities carried out on-chain.

Thailand’s national airdrop, Delio users screwed, Vietnam top crypto country: Asia Express

Thailand to give every citizen 10,000 Baht in crypto, Delio users unlikely to recover all funds, Vietnam is world’s No.1 country for crypto.

If Worldcoin can improve the world, why not give it a chance?

Worldcoin could make it easier to create digital identities for people worldwide. And even if it fails, more projects like it are coming.

$16M in crypto lost to hacks in August — Report

Four security incidents took place on Coinbase's layer-2 solution Base shortly after its launch.

Nexo launches crypto Mastercard for EEA citizens

The card is only available to citizens of the 30-country European Economic Area.

GTA owner joins Web3, Bitcoin casino, Sunflower Land review: Web3 Gamer

Grand Theft Auto’s parent company launches new blockchain game. Plus: Bitcoin casino, FarmVille-like Sunflower Land game reviewed, and more.

Swift says blockchain integration 'more plausible' than unifying CBDCs

Swift claims that interlinking existing systems with blockchains is better for the short term than bringing CBDCs together with tokenized assets in a single ledger.

Lufthansa airline launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

Airline passengers can get rewards such as flight upgrades or airport lounge access after completing NFT collections.

Arkham IDs Robinhood as 5th-largest ETH holder

Arkham Intelligence said the wallet contains approximately $2.54 billion worth of ETH under custody for user balances.

Trump NFTs back in demand, SEC says NFT sales are unregistered securities: Nifty Newsletter

Trump NFT prices spiked after the former U.S. president’s mugshot in police custody was released.

76% of Vietnamese crypto holders invest based on referrals — Report

Vietnam is currently among the top countries in the world in terms of crypto adoption.

How to protect your crypto in a volatile market: Bitcoin OGs and experts weigh in

Crypto OGs Brock Pierce and Tim Draper and other experts provide essential advice on how to protect your hard-earned stack.

How blockchain tech and dMRV can help carbon trading markets

Combining blockchain with digital monitoring, reporting and verification protocols may not only improve VCMs but even rescue them.

Nigeria’s Patricia crypto exchange seeks to explain its token amid confusion

Patricia clarified that it will operate similarly to an IOU (I owe you) document, serving as a means for the exchange to acknowledge its debt to its users.

Google Cloud to digitize El Salvador's governance, healthcare and education

Google Cloud and the government of El Salvador have entered into a 7-year partnership to digitize the country’s infrastructure in various sectors.

6 Questions for Leila Ismailova

Leila Ismailova left Belarus — and an epic TV career — behind when she moved to America. Today, she’s at the forefront of digital fashion.

Researchers develop Crypto Literacy Scale to measure consumer financial awareness

This could help raise cryptocurrency education, insulate consumers against scams, and increase the potential for wealth generation in crypto.

Iris Energy buys 248 Nvidia GPUs worth $10M for generative AI & Bitcoin mining

Iris Energy has invested $10 million in the latest generation Nvidia GPUs to explore generative AI while it continues to focus on Bitcoin mining.

How to host an event in the metaverse

From pre-event planning to virtual execution, discover the steps to create an immersive and engaging digital experience that captivates the audience.

Solana-based Clockwork to shutter citing ‘limited commercial upside’

Clockwork’s planned closure comes about a year after receiving $4 million in a seed round led by Multicoin Capital.