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ETH restaking drives DeFi TVL to $100B, Solana releases patch for network congestion: Finance Redefined

The Solana Foundation claimed network congestion was due to the high demand for Solana block space and increased network activity.

Crypto advocacy group claims stablecoin bill would ‘violate free speech rights’

Coin Center argued that banning algorithmic stablecoins in the United States would present constitutional challenges, as it essentially targeted code.

Bitcoin price rallies on halving day, but what do futures markets show?

Bitcoin's price whipsaws align with global conflict and macroeconomic concerns, but data shows investors’ halving expectations positively impacting BTC price.

New Telegram mini-apps will be so convenient users won’t know it’s crypto

TON Foundation’s Justin Hyun tells Cointelegraph about the benefits of Tether’s launch on the TON chain.

Price analysis 4/19: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, DOGE, TON, ADA, AVAX, SHIB

Bitcoin remains stuck inside a range after traders aggressively purchased the dip, indicating solid demand at lower levels.

Binance launches ‘Megadrop’ early access program for Web3 rewards

The new platform combines airdrops and quests into a loyalty program.

History of Crypto: The future of crypto exchanges, regulatory battles, and governance

Here’s how the crypto industry evolved following one of its most notorious black swan events, the downfall of the FTX exchange, which caused $8.9 billion of lost user funds.

What is EigenLayer? Ethereum’s restaking protocol, explained

With EigenLayer, restakers earn additional rewards, while developers get access to Ethereum’s robust security with less investment.

Telegram commits to TON blockchain, plans to support tokenized emojis and stickers NFTs

Founder Pavel Durov outlined plans for the decentralized messaging app to tokenize stickers and power blockchain functionality on The Open Network.

Bitcoin halving puts focus on crypto education initiatives

With Bitcoin gearing up for its next deflationary jolt, here are some initiatives aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the digital currency and its ecosystem.

DeFi platform Hedgey Finance hit by $44 million exploit

Over $500 million worth of digital assets were lost to hacks and exploits in Q1 2024.

Crypto community triumphs: Token2049 attendees brave Dubai storms

Ava Labs founder Emin Gün Sirer said that while there were challenges, it was “worth it” because of the energy the crypto community brought.

USDT aims to offer a lifeline to inflation-stricken nations: Tether CEO

Unlike other stablecoin issuers, Tether says it is focused on offering stablecoin services to the world’s unbanked, which amounts to over 300 million people.

Scammers exploit Google platform to promote phishing site

The malicious actors have reportedly registered multiple domains mimicking Whales Market.

New Bitcoin whales, ETFs are up only 1.6% in unrealized profit — Is the BTC bottom in?

The Bitcoin bottom may be in ahead of the halving, based on the profitability levels of large BTC holders and technical chart patterns.

What are memecoins good for? Social signaling, says Avalanche founder

Emin Gün Sirer believes memecoins have become an entertaining entry point for crypto-curious newcomers but remain risky investments.

5 things you didn't know about Bitcoin halvings and BTC price

As the market approaches Bitcoin's fourth halving on April 19, let's explore five intriguing facts about this phenomenon that may surprise even the most seasoned crypto-enthusiasts.

Tether’s USDT stablecoin goes live on TON blockchain

Tether’s and Telegram’s Web3 ecosystems are coming closer together with USDT and XAUT launching on the TON blockchain.

Why financial infrastructure needs to be open-source — Hyperledger

Governments and major financial institutions are actively building open-source blockchain solutions on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger tools.

Mapping on the blockchain, explained

Utilizing blockchain-based mapping enables decentralized storage of huge data, resolving latency concerns during data access and sharing.