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Former Polygon VP of growth shares the secrets behind major partnerships

Former Polygon VP of growth Arjun Kalsy believes that Polygon's integration of zero-knowledge roll-up technology would boost the network's adoption.

How to mine Bitcoin at home

To start mining Bitcoin at home, one needs to obtain a Bitcoin wallet and a mining rig, install the Bitcoin mining software, and join a mining pool.

'Blockchain Bandit' reawakens: $90M in stolen crypto seen shifting

The hacker accumulated as much as $90 million worth of crypto during a six-year thieving spree.

Crypto industry leaders ‘scared of a strong SEC’ — Senator Warren

Senator Warren claims the Trump Administration “gave a green light” to allow for a cryptocurrency market full of junk tokens, rug pulls and ponzi schemes.

Moonbirds creator Kevin Rose loses $1.1M+ in NFTs after 1 wrong move

Among the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) stolen from the PROOF co-founder were 25 Chromie Squiggles and one Autoglyph NFT.

Crypto lawyers to be in demand as regulatory pressure reaches boiling point

Commercial lawyers with a solid knowledge of blockchain and crypto tech will be in particularly high demand.

South Korean prosecutors request arrest warrant for Bithumb owner: Report

One of the country’s largest crypto exchanges has fallen under investigators’ scrutiny over allegations of embezzlement by company executives.

Venture capital investments into blockchain continue to free-fall: Report

Q4 2022 saw investment capital inflows of $2.3 billion, continuing the trend since April sparked by the collapse of Terra and subsequent fallout.

Nifty Gateway co-founders resign amid Gemini woes

Nifty Gateway was founded in 2018 and acquired by Gemini in 2019.

NFT creator: Amber Vittoria crushes it in her ‘Big Girl Pants’

Nifty News: Porsche ends 'low effort' NFT mint early, Oreo dunks into the Metaverse and more

Porsche’s first foray into NFTs appears to have flopped after recording underwhelming sales and was heavily criticized by the community.

Saudi Central Bank still researching CBDC, but no decision on deployment

Saudi Arabia's central bank stressed that no decision has been made to launch a CBDC in the Kingdom, but it will continue to research use cases.

Casual gamers a ‘critical’ audience for blockchain games: GameFi execs

Many casual gamers are still reluctant to play games that use blockchain tech, but gaming execs believe one good game could change that.

Surojit Chatterjee to retain 249,315 shares of Coinbase stock after departing company

The former chief product officer will receive a healthy severance package, as he departs from his previous role at the exchange.

SushiSwap passes 100% fee relocation, 10.9M SUSHI clawback proposals

100% of trading fees on the platform will soon be redirected to the SushiSwap treasury for maintenance and expenses.

Reformed ‘altcoin slayer’ Eric Wall on shitposting and scaling Ethereum

Listen-and-Earn allows Bitcoin payments for podcasters and listeners

The Fountain podcasting app announced a partnership with ZEBEDEE to allow podcast creators and listeners the ability to earn Bitcoin for their time spent with content.

TradFi and DeFi come together — Davos 2023

On this episode of Decentralize With Cointelegraph, the team reflects on their week in Davos covering the World Economic Forum as crypto and TradFi continue to collide.

Keith Comito is at the intersection of blockchain, longevity and decentralized science

The co-founder of is harnessing the power of decentralization to support cutting-edge scientific and technological discoveries.

Wormhole hacker moves $155M in biggest shift of stolen funds in months

Blockchain transaction history shows that the hacker transferred the funds onto a DEX and then went on to cycle funds around different DeFi protocols.