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Axie Infinity player count falls back to Jan 2021 levels

The numbers represent a 74% decrease from peak levels witnessed just ten months ago.

Mango Markets hacker proposes steep settlement

The Solana DeFi protocol suffered a $117 million exploit yesterday, and the hacker wants 70M USDC in 'bug bounty.'

Attack of the zkEVMs! Crypto’s 10x moment

GameFi would become the onboarding point for Metaverse: Animoca Brands CEO

Siu noted that the Metaverse won’t be a single or central entity but a combination of several metaverses.

SWIFT action: JPMorgan and Visa team on cross-border blockchain payments

Visa is set to integrate its B2B connect network with JPMorgan’s suit of blockchain based cross-border payment products.

Grayscale fires first salvo in case against SEC over Bitcoin ETF refusal

The SEC must submit its brief by Nov. 9. After that, Grayscale will then submit a reply brief on Nov. 30 before both parties submit a final brief on Dec. 21.

You can now search ETH addresses on Google — But what about Bitcoin?

While Google’s feature appears to be a good thing for crypto adoption, a CIO says a move from Apple would make the “crypto industry go from 100 miles an hour to 250 miles in a heartbeat.”

TempleDAO exploit results in $2M loss

The hack was allegedly caused by “a missing onlyMigrator check.”

Stellar Development Foundation launches $100M fund to support native smart contract adoption

The Soroban Adoption Fund incentivizes developers to begin building products and tools on the new smart contract platform.

BNB Smart Chain to hard fork following $100M exploit

The upgrade is intended to fix the exploit that drained the platform of $100 million.

Vyper, Solidity and Scrypto: How the smart contract languages compare

A look at three different programming languages for blockchain networks and how they compare.

Gitex Global 2022 discusses how to educate mainstream media on crypto

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief Kristina Cornèr participated in a panel that discussed the topic of cryptocurrency and the media.

Polkadot: How parachains are changing a blockchain-centric ecosystem

Parity chief marketing officer Peter Ruchatz discusses the ins and outs of Polkadot’s focus on interoperability at Token2049.

Tether stablecoin issuer freezes 8.2M USDT on Ethereum: Data

Tether has frozen a total of 215 USDT addresses on Ethereum in 2022 so far, according to data compiled by ETH researcher Philippe Castonguay.

Crypto and digital bank MinePlex secures $100M in funding from GEM

The funding will be used in new banking technologies, including a collaboration with Mastercard and Visa for crypto transactions.

The Web3 Foundation taps edX for free courses on blockchain and Polkadot

The first two out of the four-course series on blockchain and Polkadot will start on October 20, the enrollment is open now.

Fake Solana wallet security update is trying to steal your crypto: Reports

Password-stealing malware is being spread by hackers through NFT airdrops purporting to be Solana Phantom security updates.

Ethereum-scaling protocol zkSync’s layer-3 prototype set for testing in 2023

Matter Labs chief product officer Steve Newcomb emphasized to Cointelegraph that the launch of its L3 prototype will significantly improve the performance of its L2 solution.

Metaverse platforms refute 'misinformation' about daily active users

User data from DappRadar consists of metaverse users who have also made an in-game purchase with the project's native token, but the Decentraland and Sandbox projects disagree with that criteria.

Main hacker in Transit Swap exploit agrees to return remaining funds

Under the agreement, more than $2 million would be returned to Transit Swap users.