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NFT project Azuki launches Physical Backed Token

The company said that the open-source token standard intends to tie a physical item to a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum launches testnet for Shanghai upgrade: Here’s what is next

Staked ETH withdrawals and lower gas fees are among the developments expected with the upgrade.

Silvergate Capital's crypto-to-fiat transfers decrease by $50B compared to Q3 2021

Shares tumbled over 20% on the NASDAQ exchange on the weaker-than-expected earnings.

Users upset that Binance's wrong crypto network retrieval fees have soared to 500 BUSD

A few months prior, wrong network retrieval fees costed around 0.001 BTC on Binance.

Food companies secure trademarks to enter metaverse

Major food brands seem to be indicating that they plan to launch virtual food, drink and restaurant services in the future.

UK Law Commission to review international laws on crypto to consider legal reforms

The legal review authority will work to compile law reform proposals for public consultation in the second half of 2023.

Ethereum solo validators that censor blocks should ‘be tolerated,’ says Buterin

Speaking about a hypothetical scenario, the Ethereum co-founder said censorship should be tolerated depending on the case.

'Performing as expected' — Aptos Labs defends day 1 criticism

Aptos’ blockchain claims to handle three times the amount of transactions per second than Solana but day one of its launch saw the network transacting a much lower amount.

Ripple wants to bring Ethereum smart contracts to the XRP Ledger

The EVM-compatible XRP Ledger sidechain is set to undergo its second phase in early 2023 — which will make the chain permissionless and improve scalability.

'Not even a single TX has been censored on ETH' — Cyber Capital founder

Bons noted that even with 50% OFAC compliance among Ethereum validators, blocks will still be produced within 30 seconds.

Terra developers propose revised 95M LUNA ecosystem funding program

It is an update to the original 100M ecosystem funding proposal, which Terra developers say did not fit the community's needs.

New allegations arise regarding Binance's regulatory framework

The report alleges that Binance tried to insulate itself from regulatory scrutiny — a suggestion which the exchange denies.

‘Terra hit us incredibly hard’: Sunny Aggarwal of Osmosis Labs

BNB Chain responds with next steps for cross-chain security after network exploit

The BNB Chain team released its official statement on Oct. 7 regarding the hack and stolen funds, and a second statement on Oct. 11 on network decentralization.

Polkadot hits all-time high in development activity

It's been almost one year since the start of the ecosystem's signature parachain auctions.

Koreans to have access to blockchain-powered digital IDs by 2024

Under the plan, the blockchain-powered ID would be fully decentralized, meaning the government won't be able to see how or when the ID is being used.

Crypto Twitter split as another NFT platform moves to opt-in royalties

Despite the change to an optional royalties model, Magic Eden will still have full royalties set by default for all collections and listings.

North Korea’s Lazarus behind years of crypto hacks in Japan: Police

According to the Japan Government, a common mode of attack for the Lazarus Group was phishing, who are believed to have focused more on crypto funds lately because they’re “managed more loosely.”

Blockchain gaming adoption means more options for gamers

Blockchain games are cropping up across various genres, giving games options for what they can play.

What are the risks of the Ethereum Merge?

The mammoth task of merging Ethereum’s mainnet and Beacon Chain is finally complete, but what are the risks?