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OpenAI’s valuation reportedly soars to $80 billion in latest deal

The firm reportedly plans to sell current shares in a tender offer allowing employees to sell their shares, differing from a standard funding round to raise capital for business operations.

Tech giants pledge to curb AI election interference

The agreement is voluntary and doesn’t go as far as a complete ban on AI content in elections.

What is a blockchain validator?

A blockchain validator verifies transactions in the proposed blocks and helps build new blocks. In return, they receive cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin mining difficulty surpasses 80 trillion ahead of halving

At its automated readjustment on Feb. 15, Bitcoin mining difficulty was due to increase by an estimated 6%.

Jupiter's compliance division revokes investment in Ripple XRP ETP: Report

Jupiter Asset Management's compliance department reportedly flagged and then cancelled the Ripple XRP ETP purchase, resulting in a minor loss.

Celsius distributes $2B of crypto to 172K creditors

According to the court filing, around 20,500 Bitcoins and 301,000 Ether tokens have been distributed among eligible creditors, without any security or operational issues.

Crypto could learn about whistleblowers from the SEC

Cryptocurrency needs a whistleblower program to diminish the likelihood of FTX-style manipulation or fraud during the bull market ahead.

Honduras regulator bans banks from holding, transacting with crypto

The National Banking and Securities Commission of Honduras imposed the ban because of the country’s lack of regulation.

Coinbase donates $3.6M to Bitcoin developers through Brink

The donation went through Coinbase’s GiveCrypto initiative, which the exchange announced in December it planned to wind down.

Crypto Biz: Franklin Templeton doubles down on crypto, Bakkt seeks capital, and more

This week’s headlines include Franklin Templeton’s entry into the Ether ETF race, Ripple’s new custody deal, Bakkt’s sale of securities and CoinShares’ Q4 earnings.

Ethereum traders target $3K, but historical data raises a few red flags for ETH price

ETH bulls call for $3,000 as the next stop for Ether, but the altcoin corrected by 46% the last time it traded above this level.

Digital euro will have better privacy than private systems, ECB exec says

An ECB board member told the European Parliament the digital euro will free users of threats to private payment technology.

Interoperability across blockchain networks: Cointelegraph Accelerator picks Dojima Omnichain Network

Omnichain layer-1 platform Dojima Omnichain Network has become the latest pick of Cointelegraph Accelerator.

Arkham Intelligence identifies MicroStrategy Bitcoin holdings pooled with Fidelity

Roughly 107,000 BTC of MicoStrategy’s holdings appeared pooled with Fidelity Custody, while 79,000 BTC was “held in segregated custody including Coinbase Prime.”

3 key Bitcoin price metrics point to new BTC all-time highs in 2024

Key Bitcoin price metrics hint at new all-time highs for BTC in 2024.

Starknet’s airdrop dilemma, ETH gas fees hit 8-month high: Finance Redefined

ETH gas fees hit an eight-month-high amid the ERC-404 token craze, while the Starknet network deals with an ongoing airdrop frenzy.

Your right to bear AI could soon be infringed upon

The more powerful artificial intelligence becomes, the more challenging it will be to regulate it without restricting civil liberties.

Price analysis 2/16: BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE, LINK, DOT

Spot Bitcoin ETF demand remains robust, but Bitcoin could face stiff resistance near $52,000. How could altcoins react?

Ethena Labs secures $14M in funding for synthetic dollar

Ethena Labs believes that financial instruments tied to the U.S. dollar offer a new frontier for markets outside the United States.

Bitcoin braves US PPI miss at $52K as Fed rate cut odds fall further

Bitcoin bulls get no help from the latest U.S. macro data as $52,000 forms sturdy BTC price resistance.