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Polygon’s zkEVM Public Testnet to enable smoother Ethereum migration

Defi protocols Aave and Uniswap, along with other projects, will be among the first projects to deploy on the zkEVM testnet.

BNB Chain to boost European Web3 startups with DApp incubator program

The incubator program focuses on EU-based startups building the next generation of Web3 consumer experiences with an emphasis on accessibility and scalability.

UAE Web3 ecosystem houses almost 1.5K active organizations: Report

A new report shows that 65% of the 1,450 Web3 organizations are based on native blockchain technology, while 35% of the organizations are based on non-native technology.

How to learn Web3 development for beginners

One can learn Web3 development by joining a Web3 developer DAO, participating in a Web3 hackathon or enrolling in blockchain-related courses.

Turkey works hard to make İstanbul home to global blockchain hype

The Turkish crypto and blockchain ecosystem is working hard to build during the bear market, according to local experts.

PayPal says policy to punish users for misinformation was 'in error'

Despite the retraction, the crypto community said the policy is a perfect example of why decentralization and self-custody of funds are so important.

Decentralized exchange Uniswap v3 gets 'Warp'ed' onto StarkNet

Ethereum-native projects like Uniswap that are written in Solidity can now be transpiled to StarkNet via Nethermind’s new ‘Warp’ project

FTX partners with Visa, BNB Chain suffers exploit and Elon Musk returns to $44B Twitter deal: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 2-8

Top 3 reasons why Bitcoin hash rate continues to attain new all-time highs

Bitcoin miners continue to take advantage of the falling GPU prices to upgrade their mining equipment as they aim to remain competitive in the fierce competition.

How to mint an NFT on Solana SolSea?

Solana SolSea is an alternative to well-established NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. It is more appealing to NFT creators, with low costs, speed and a friendly interface.

US DOC agency NIST explores security, safety, trust of stablecoins

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that the top five coins that retained their peg represented 87 % of the total top 20 market capitalization.

Transit Swap ‘hacker’ returns lion’s share of $23M in stolen funds: Finance Redefined

Majority of the DeFi tokens in Top-100 traded in red barring a few, thanks to the weekend rout in the market correction towards the end of the week.

Binance seeks to boost Web3 adoption in the MENA region

The exchange alleges a 49% increase in user sign-ups across the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region.

Get your money back: The weird world of crypto litigation

India’s central bank outlines digital rupee CBDC plans

India's Reserve Bank outlined the pros and cons of a digital rupee as it looks to raise awareness around its CBDC project.

What is Lens Protocol, and how does it work?

In this guide, we share all you need to know about Lens Protocol, a decentralized social graph that simplifies building Web3 social platforms.

BNB Chain back online after suspension due to a cross-chain exploit

After a brief network suspension as the result of a cross-chain hack, the activity on the BNB Chain is back online.

Bear market didn't stop crypto firms from hiring, says recruitment exec

Recruitment firm executive Clayton Pullum said that companies have become more strategic when it comes to hiring during the crypto winter.

670K-follower ETH Classic account turns into Ergo: What happened?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has repurposed the Ethereum Classic Twitter account to now benefit the Ergo Platform.

BNB Chain confirms BSC halt due to 'potential exploit'

Rumors of a significant hack on the BNB Chain were confirmed by the blockchain's team, with all deposits and withdrawals suspended on the network.