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Ripple contests $2B SEC fine, says penalty shouldn’t exceed $10M

Ripple said in a filing that the SEC’s “Draconian remedial requests” do not have grounds in law or principle.

Europe’s largest banks are moving into crypto thanks to regulations — Bitpanda

Some of Europe’s largest banks are developing crypto solutions thanks to the regulatory clarity provided by the MiCA framework.

Philippines SEC orders Apple and Google to remove Binance from app stores

The Philippines SEC mandates the removal of the Binance app from Google and Apple stores in the country citing security threats to investors and, potentially, the local economy.

Nifty News: PayPal removes NFT protections, Adidas NFT sneakers and more

Amended PayPal policies excluding NFTs from buyer and seller protection coverages will take effect on May 20.

Wallets linked to Coinbase and Vitalik Buterin have millions ‘stuck’ in bridge contracts

Arkham Research tagged and notified wallet owners to look at the addresses and retrieve their funds, which have been stuck for months.

Scammers eye Toncoin as Telegram-TON partnership grabs headlines

Telegram’s integration of the TON blockchain and its native Toncoin token has become a honeypot for scammers promoting a referral pyramid scheme.

Bitcoin Bollinger Bands hit level that saw BTC price squeeze past $50K

The Bitcoin volatility indicator suggests that BTC price action is due for a breakout as it returns to levels last seen in mid-February.

Binance sued in Canada for securities law violations

Even after Binance announced its departure from Canada in May 2023, local authorities have continued to investigate the exchange.

Binance Labs-backed Velvet Capital forced offline to prevent phishing attack

According to Vasily Nikonov, the founder of Velvet Capital, users who have confirmed any transactions on the platform since April 23 at 5:39 am UTC may be potential victims of the website hack.

Bitcoin miners spreading sales dulled post-halving price drop: Bitfinex

Pre-halving Bitcoin miner reserve sales and the U.S. spot ETFs have mulled any negative Bitcoin price action after its halving, says Bitfinex.

X payments details released: App to become your bank account

X users should eventually be able to use the app's anticipated payment features to send money to other users, buy things in stores, and even earn interest on their account holdings.

DeFi whales have millions ‘forgotten’ in bridge contracts: Arkham

One of the wallets includes $1.05 million worth of funds stuck in the Optimism bridge contract, which previously received ETH from Vitalik Buterin.

PayPal proposes ‘cryptoeconomic’ rewards for sustainable Bitcoin miners

PayPal’s Blockchain Research Group wants to designate “green miners” and reward them accordingly with additional Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ‘no longer cheap’ — Fidelity revises medium-term outlook for BTC

Fidelity Digital Assets maintained its positive short-term outlook for Bitcoin following the first quarter but revised its medium-term outlook based on several metrics.

GameFi airdrops are here to stay but won’t save a bad game: Execs

Blockchain gaming tokenomics may have got a bad wrap last cycle, but GameFi execs say it’s not going away anytime soon as it’s one of the key ways to build a player base.

Hut 8 ‘self-mining plans’ make it competitive post-halving: Benchmark

Analysts from investing banking firm Benchmark initiated coverage on Hut 8, issuing a “buy” rating and setting a $12 target for the firm’s share price.

US crypto stocks rally on first trading day after Bitcoin halving

U.S. crypto mining stocks have gained in the first trading day after Bitcoin’s weekend halving, even though mining rewards are now 50% lower.

NYSE gauges interest in 24/7 stock trading like crypto: Report

While cryptocurrencies can trade and settle all day and night, stock trading has traditionally followed office hours.

Crypto miners face energy refusal, restriction in Canadian provinces

Manitoba is extending a moratorium on new power connections, and British Columbia is introducing legislation that could prohibit the provision of power to new miners.

SEC seeks $5.3B judgment against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon

After a jury found Terraform Labs and Do Kwon liable for fraud in its case with the SEC, the commission filed a motion requesting $5.3 billion in disgorgement and civil penalties.