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TV streaming providers should start relying on NFTs

NFTs could change the way subscription services work by allowing users to sell or rent out their subscriptions when they don’t need them.

Solana-based protocol seeking to decentralize ride-sharing raises $9M

TRIP protocol enables ride-sharing companies and drivers to compete for riders, as blockchain enables disruption in existing markets.

Axelar partners with Polygon to deliver cross-chain communication to Polygon Supernets

The partnership seeks to enable Ethereum ecosystem developers to have access to functions and users on Axelar’s dozens of connected chains.

Team Finance exploited for $14.5M during protocol migration despite contract audit

Hackers appear to have spent as little as 1.76 Ether to initiate the attack vector.

Telegram launches marketplace to auction rare username handles

The popular messaging app launched a new marketplace on the TON blockchain, on which it plans to auction off rare user handles.

Google launches blockchain node engine for Web 3.0 developers

The service will simplify node infrastructure and onboarding for blockchain developers.

Why the battle for low or no transaction fees really matters

High transaction fees stand in the way of crypto achieving its full potential and being embraced by the masses — but it is possible to make transfers for free.

Coinbase, Alameda-backed Mara launches African crypto wallet service

Africa’s cryptocurrency landscape welcomes a new crypto wallet backed by global firms in the ecosystem.

Building community resilience to crises through mutual aid and Web3

Silicon Valley tech CEOs are not big fans of metaverses

Disney’s CEO said the company doesn’t tend to use the word metaverse, as it believes it’s a very broad term.

Kazakhstan to build central bank digital currency on BNB Chain

Officials in Kazakhstan continue their close relationship with Binance, as the National Bank plans to integrate its CBDC on the BNB Chain.

Phishing scammer Monkey Drainer has pilfered as much as $1M in Ethereum

Four addresses have been flagged relating to Monkey Drainer, including the monkey-drainer.eth address, with Chainabuse showing a long list of reported victims relating to these accounts.

Asset management firm launches BTC Lightning Network startup accelerator

The startup accelerator will consist of four yearly 8-week programs, with successful applicants receiving $250,000 and one receiving an additional $500,000 at the end of the program.

Bitcoin analysts map out the key bull and bear cases for BTC’s price action

BTC price is showing slight bullish momentum, leading on-chain analysts to present potentially bearish and bullish data-based scenarios.

Report: Vast majority of blockchain energy studies 'lack scientific rigor'

According to researchers, 74% of blockchain energy studies 'do not build upon existing theories.'

Binance Oracle network to bridge Web3 and blockchains via smart contracts

For starters, Binance Oracle will allow existing decentralized applications and Web3 ecosystem partners on BNB Chain to access data sources and advanced computations.

Crypto City: Guide to San Francisco Bay Area

BitPay to introduce USDC and ETH payments on Polygon network

Polygon-bridged cryptocurrencies like Ether, USDC, DAI and Wrapped Bitcoin are coming to BitPay later this week.

Freeway reveals key factors leading to platform withdrawal halt

The crypto yield platform said one of its trading strategies "appears to have failed" forcing the firm halt services earlier this week.

Almost 50% of Gen Z and Millennials want crypto in retirement funds: Survey

Nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials are also already invested in digital assets outside of their retirement funds and cited “inflation” as the biggest obstacle to early retirement.