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Bitcoin holdings on Coinbase reach lowest level since 2015 as whales withdraw $1B BTC

A few users on X believe the movement of funds indicates a supply shock prior to the halving, while others pointed out that whales are just moving funds to OTC desks or other custodians.

Bitcoin feels lack of ETF flows as Ether price fights to reclaim $3K

Bitcoin treads water while Ether price strength takes over, helping the largest altcoin challenge the $3,000 mark for the first time in nearly two years.

Polygon-based lending platform to provide crypto liquidity for luxury items

Altr adviser Davide Rovelli believes that asset tokenization could give an extra layer of security to a sector where “transparency was never the strength.”

Mumbai metaverse initiative showcases city's infrastructure revolution

The Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse will help citizens virtually monitor the progress of the megaprojects around the city that impact their day-to-day lives.

Hopefuls call for ‘altseason’ led by Ether rally, analysts not so sure

With the price of Ether nearing $3,000 after a month-long rally, crypto social media believes altseason may already be here, though some analysts say otherwise.

Starknet user numbers plummet as dissatisfaction grows over token drop

The blockchain’s users are unhappy with minimum wallet holding criteria that exclude them from the airdrop and an unlock schedule that quickly rewards investors.

SBF trades clean-shaven look for scruffy beard in newly surfaced prison photo

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been photographed with five other inmates, including “G Lock,” who shared some insights on SBF’s life in prison.

Y Combinator calls on startups to build stablecoin, metaverse, AI solutions

Stablecoins’ place in traditional finance will follow a similar path to digital music, going from “outlaw file sharing” to digital streaming services like Spotify.

BlackRock labels BTC as ‘progress’ in latest spot Bitcoin ETF ad

BlackRock maintained its mature approach to promoting its new spot ETF with an ad labeling Bitcoin simply as “progress.”

UK could pass stablecoin, staking laws within six months: Report

Minister Bim Afolami says the government is working “very hard” to pass crypto-specific legislation in the U.K.

Crypto exchange-traded products hit bull run levels with $67B AUM

Record year-to-date crypto product inflows, slowing outflows, and positive price action have made the perfect recipe for the swelling AUM.

Bitcoin price keeps rising, but where are the new investors?

The spot Bitcoin ETFs' saw $4.93 billion in net inflow but where are the “new” investors?

ECB execs respond to banks’ objections to digital euro, suggest priorities

Banks continue to raise objections that have already been accounted for in digital euro design, the authors say.

Hong Kong exchange licensing clarity attracts traditional brokerages

The SFC has granted multiple licenses since the city opened doors to retail crypto trading last August.

Why is Solana (SOL) price up today?

Solana price is up today as a combination of technical and on-chain factors paint a bullish outlook for SOL.

Japan and South Korea want more control over crypto transactions: Law Decoded

Asian nations are pushing hard for more consumer protection, more oversight and more technical abilities for regulators.

Forbes launches permanent metaverse presence featuring ‘luxurious pool,’ ‘elegant bar’

The Hong Kong-owned magazine now owns virtual real-estate in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Trust in crypto exchange tokens recovers from FTX lows

Centralized exchanges have largely shrugged off the contagion caused by FTX's bankruptcy in November 2022.

Price analysis 2/19: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE

Bitcoin price struggles to find support at the $52,000 level, but the next phase of consolidation could be beneficial to altcoins.

Emojis can predict better crypto trading outcomes, according to scientists

The researchers came up with two algorithms based on social media sentiment, both showed consistent positive returns.

‘Flood of money’ from crypto Super PACs could fund potential challenger to Elizabeth Warren

Crypto skeptic Elizabeth Warren suggested interest groups could “spend any amount of money needed” to attempt to stop her and Representative Katie Porter’s Senate runs.

Events get NFT tickets: Belong joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Belong, an app providing token-gated access to events, content and physical doors, has become the latest participant of Cointelegraph Accelerator.

2024 will be the Ethereum network's biggest year in history

Chain development kits (CDKs) are expanding the universe of possibilities open to developers on the Ethereum network.

Can Bitcoin become legal tender in Europe? One German MP thinks so

The German Bundestag will host an educational Bitcoin event, and a pro-Bitcoin draft bill aims to make BTC legal tender in the country.

Binance to shut down multiple leveraged token services

Binance urged users to convert and redeem their tokens into other assets before the deadline.

Groq AI model goes viral and rivals ChatGPT, challenges Elon Musk’s Grok

The Groq AI model is gaining widespread attention on social media, challenging ChatGPT’s dominance and drawing comparisons to Elon Musk’s own model, the similarly named Grok.

Japan opens up Web3 investments for local VCs

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) aims to promote the creation of new businesses and industries via increased domestic investments from limited partnership firms.

Backpack surpasses $1B in 24-hour volume, announces Banxa partnership

Cryptocurrency exchange Backpack achieves $1 billion in 24-hour trading volume and partners with Banxa to expand digital asset services.

What is Google’s Gemini?

Google’s Gemini excels in multifaceted information processing (text, code, visuals) to tackle intricate tasks across various domains.

South Korean ruling party pledges 2-year delay for crypto tax as elections loom

The ruling party argued it would take two years to establish a system that oversees crypto transactions, similar to the stock exchange.