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Crypto Biz: Franklin Templeton doubles down on crypto, Bakkt seeks capital, and more

This week’s headlines include Franklin Templeton’s entry into the Ether ETF race, Ripple’s new custody deal, Bakkt’s sale of securities and CoinShares’ Q4 earnings.

Ethereum traders target $3K, but historical data raises a few red flags for ETH price

ETH bulls call for $3,000 as the next stop for Ether, but the altcoin corrected by 46% the last time it traded above this level.

Digital euro will have better privacy than private systems, ECB exec says

An ECB board member told the European Parliament the digital euro will free users of threats to private payment technology.

Interoperability across blockchain networks: Cointelegraph Accelerator picks Dojima Omnichain Network

Omnichain layer-1 platform Dojima Omnichain Network has become the latest pick of Cointelegraph Accelerator.

Arkham Intelligence identifies MicroStrategy Bitcoin holdings pooled with Fidelity

Roughly 107,000 BTC of MicoStrategy’s holdings appeared pooled with Fidelity Custody, while 79,000 BTC was “held in segregated custody including Coinbase Prime.”

3 key Bitcoin price metrics point to new BTC all-time highs in 2024

Key Bitcoin price metrics hint at new all-time highs for BTC in 2024.

Starknet’s airdrop dilemma, ETH gas fees hit 8-month high: Finance Redefined

ETH gas fees hit an eight-month-high amid the ERC-404 token craze, while the Starknet network deals with an ongoing airdrop frenzy.

Your right to bear AI could soon be infringed upon

The more powerful artificial intelligence becomes, the more challenging it will be to regulate it without restricting civil liberties.

Price analysis 2/16: BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE, LINK, DOT

Spot Bitcoin ETF demand remains robust, but Bitcoin could face stiff resistance near $52,000. How could altcoins react?

Ethena Labs secures $14M in funding for synthetic dollar

Ethena Labs believes that financial instruments tied to the U.S. dollar offer a new frontier for markets outside the United States.

Bitcoin braves US PPI miss at $52K as Fed rate cut odds fall further

Bitcoin bulls get no help from the latest U.S. macro data as $52,000 forms sturdy BTC price resistance.

XCAD founder defends YouTuber KSI against pump and dump allegations

Crypto investigator Coffeezilla argued that saying one thing and trading against it is still a pump-and-dump and unethical.

Mad Lads’ Backpack Exchange surpasses $300M trading volume in 24 hours

The popularity of the exchange propelled Mad Lads to the third most-traded NFTs of the day.

FTC’s rule update targets deepfake threats to consumer safety

The Federal Trade Commission’s updated rule empowers the agency to initiate federal court cases directly to compel scammers to return funds acquired through impersonating government or business entities.

Animoca’s Mocaverse, KuCoin to streamline cross-platform identity

The partnership will combine Mocaverse’s Moca ID, KuCoin’s user accounts and Halo’s Genesis membership pass to “redefine on-chain identity and facilitate growth” in the Web3 space.

Uniswap v4 to launch in Q3 following Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade

Uniswap Foundation shared a tentative date for the deployment of v4 of the decentralized exchange following the upcoming Ethereum Dencun upgrade.

GoFundMe shuts down Tornado Cash legal defense crowdfunding

The crowdfunding for the Tornado Cash legal battle was canceled by GoFundMe, citing a breach of terms of service. All contributions made to the fundraiser were returned to the respective donors.

20% of Bitcoin hash rate could go offline after halving — Galaxy Digital

Most older mining rigs will struggle to break even after Bitcoin block rewards halve in April, prompting miners to take them offline, according to research from Galaxy Digital.

OpenAI text-to-video model Sora wows X but still has weaknesses

OpenAI’s latest AI video generation tool, Sora, has left social media users in awe over its realism, though it’s not yet ready for a full public release.

MicroStrategy listing in the S&P 500 index could expose millions to Bitcoin

MicroStrategy’s market cap would need to rise another $3.7 billion and meet other eligibility criteria to have a chance of making it on the popular index.

Big banks are nudging the SEC for a slice of sweet Bitcoin ETF action

The banking associations argued that U.S. banks were “notably absent” as asset custodians for Bitcoin ETFs despite them playing that role for other ETPs.

Coin Metrics research shows BTC and ETH are immune to 51% attacks

New research from Coin Metrics found that 51% and 34% attacks on Bitcoin and Ethereum are no longer possible from nation-state attackers if their goal was to destroy the blockchains.

Stablecoins could boost dollar as global reserve currency: Fed governor

The rapid growth of crypto could threaten dollar dominance, but that’s unlikely due to the popularity of U.S. dollar stablecoins, says the Fed’s Christopher Waller.

Hong Kong crypto stocks surge, OKX to invest in L1s: Asia Express

Hong Kong crypto stocks surge even as local markets tank, OKX to invest in L1s, Philippines central bank hates retail CBDCs. Asia Express

Coinbase shares surge 12.7% after fourth-quarter earnings beat

Coinbase’s net income of $273 million marks the firm’s first profitable quarter since Q4 2021.

Elizabeth Warren’s bill ‘wouldn’t do anything’ to stop terrorist financing in crypto — US lawmaker

Representative French Hill challenged aspects of a bill amending the Bank Secrecy Act, implying requirements be impossible to apply to crypto miners and validators.

Ethiopia makes data center deal with Hong Kong company, may start mining

The Ethiopian government investment fund has signed an MoU with Data Center Service on a $250-million data mining and AI training deal.

VC Roundup: Blockchain infrastructure, data analytics and BTC for DeFi catching investors' attention

Lava Protocol, Analog, Helika, Truflation, and Omega are among the startups securing funding in the first half of February.

Starknet populated by airdrop hunters ahead of token launch: Report

Like many other airdrops, the much anticipated Ethereum L2 STRK airdrop has allegedly captured the attention of token farmers.

Bitcoin bears beware — BTC's rally above $52K is much healthier than before

Bitcoin price continues to show strength even as traders refuse to use leverage for bullish positions. Cointelegraph explains why.