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Stablecoin transfer volume increased 16x during past 4 years

Increased stablecoin usage could be a sign of growing crypto adoption for a maturing industry.

Bitcoin block size hits yearly low: Impact of BTC halving?

Despite Bitcoin’s block size hitting a yearly low, the Runes minting market continues to show strong activity and profitability.

Is Germany selling its BTC? Arkham-tagged wallet sparks curiosity

The German government-labeled wallet held 50,000 BTC since February and moved out 6,500 BTC on June 19.

Iran to launch public CBDC pilot in June

Unlike other types of electronic money in Iran, the digital rial doesn’t require interbank settlement to transfer funds between buyers and sellers.

Nomura crypto arm Laser Digital bags Abu Dhabi license

The firm chose to expand into Abu Dhabi due to the innovation-friendly crypto regulations.

Montenegrin PM among early investors in Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs: Report

Prime Minister Spajic was among the early investors who invested in Terraform Labs just days before it was registered in Singapore on April 23, 2018.

Bitcoin price uptrend ‘intact’ with hodlers 120% in profit — Research

Bitcoin hodlers face “boredom and apathy” but are not engaging in mass distribution — even as the BTC price dip erodes unrealized profits.

Bitwise’s amended Ethereum ETF filing says Pantera interested in $100M buy

Asset management firm Bitwise has disclosed Pantera is interested in buying its upcoming spot Ether ETF, but it could spend more, less — or nothing at all.

Institutional DeFi players will bring commercial real estate onchain: KPMG exec

DeFi activity from institutions would be more “permissioned” as market participants will want to know who they’re dealing with, KPMG’s Kunal Bhasin said.

Oil land buyer LandBridge makes a nod to crypto miners in $320M IPO

LandBridge has a huge amount of land in the middle of America’s oil country, but it also says it can make big money off crypto miners.

North Dakota latest US state to revoke Binance.US license

North Dakota’s Department of Financial Institutions Commissioner pointed to Binance’s money transmitter and AML convictions to make its case.

Ethereum back above $3.5K as Consensys says SEC to drop ETH probe

ETH jumped slightly and again broke $3,500 in the minutes after Consensys reported the SEC had dropped its investigation into Ethereum.

Bitcoin ‘Banana Zone’ is next if these 3 indicators play out

Bitcoin “Banana Zone” is on the horizon, but it will need to reverse these key metrics first to maintain a “sustainable recovery.”

SEC to drop investigation into Ethereum — Consensys

The SEC’s enforcement division said it’s closing its investigation into Ethereum, though Consensys says the fight isn’t over yet.

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli says he helped create the DJT token

It comes amid $1.7 million in Polymarket bets on whether Donald Trump or his family members are behind the DJT token.

Brazil’s tax dept to summon info from foreign crypto exchanges: Report

The Federal Revenue of Brazil is publishing an ordinance this week to look for any potential “illegality” and info on what Brazilians may be owing in tax.

Nvidia is now the world’s most valuable publicly traded company

Graphics processing and AI giant Nvidia provides roughly 80% of the artificial intelligence chips used in high-end data centers.

Retail crypto market growth in Canada driven by market factors, regulation

Crypto platform WonderFi has swallowed up several of its competitors in Canada and expects to reap the benefits.

Canada lacks engagement from lawmakers on crypto — Coinbase exec

The Canada country director for Coinbase said local regulators were “much more collaborative” with the industry than their U.S. counterparts, but politicians were falling short.

dYdX gets isolated margin, isolated markets, and Raydium support in latest upgrade

The protocol also announced an Android app allowing users to trade on the mobile phone platform, among other upgrade features.

Traders unbothered by Bitcoin’s sub-$65K levels, say BTC price remains ‘high and steady’

Bitcoin price requires high demand-side pressure to push the BTC out of an extended correction.

Hashdex files with SEC for combined spot Bitcoin and Ether ETF

If approved, the crypto ETF would be the first of its kind, but probably not the last.

Why are top Bitcoin traders bullish despite BTC price dip to $64.3K?

Bitcoin whales and miners remain cautiously optimistic, strengthening the bullish case for $64,300 support.

CleanSpark acquires 5 mining facilities in Georgia

The new facilities are expected to increase CleanSpark’s hashrate to over 20 exahashes per second by the end of June, spokespeople claimed.

US prosecutors oppose Ethereum dev’s motion to reduce 5-year sentence

In April 2022, a judge sentenced Virgil Griffith to 63 months in prison for violating U.S. sanctions on North Korea.

Ethereum price to $10K is the most ‘asymmetric bet’ in crypto — Analyst

Ether’s potential move to $10,000 would result in a 194% price increase from the current levels, but ETH continues struggling to break the $4,000 mark.

Bitcoin analyst ‘optimistic’ of buying BTC lower as 3 trendlines fail

BTC’s price heading under $66,000 costs Bitcoin bulls several daily moving averages — and few see a snap recovery coming next.

Ethereum’s recent pullback could be a gift: Dynamo DeFi, X Hall of Flame

Dynamo DeFi isn’t expecting Ethereum to double anytime soon due to the ETFs but says the recent pullback could be a “gift.” X Hall of Flame.

3 reasons why DOGE, PEPE and other memecoins are flashing red

Memecoins are underperforming the crypto market today, which could indicate that traders will pay more attention to BTC and ETH.

Ronin to scale Web3 games with new zkEVM

Sky Mavis co-founder Jeff Zirlin told Cointelegraph that the company is preparing for a future when it will have to handle 400 million to four billion transactions.