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Solana memecoin BONK spikes 7% after proposed ‘learn’ deal with Revolut

The proposed “Learn and Earn Campaign” on Revolut is aimed at expanding Bonk’s user base by half a million users but still needs approval.

Why South Korea’s N-Po generation is excited about crypto

South Korea's young people are known as the "N-Po generation" — a phrase that suggests they were abandoned. But they've found new hope in cryptocurrency.

Court clears Genesis to liquidate $1.3B worth of Grayscale GBTC shares

Filings suggested that Genesis Global Holdco held roughly $1.6 billion worth of shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Grayscale Ethereum Trust and Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust.

Citi proof-of-concept tokenizes private equity funds on Avalanche

Citi partnered with other traditional financial institutions to simulate operations. More development is needed.

Joe Biden’s pick for OECD ambassador could give up Coinbase advisory council: Report

Former Representative Sean Patrick Maloney reportedly sent a letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming he would recuse himself from crypto-related policy decisions at the OECD.

Stephen Chow, Dwight Howard and 50-year-old whisky NFTs: Nifty Newsletter

NFTs launched by Hong Kong celebrity Stephen Chow recorded $23 million in trading volume, while a whisky distributor is using NFTs to sell a rare collection.

Novel ERC-X token crashes 87% after uncovering double spending glitch

A bug in its smart contract that allows users to double their balance by sending tokens to themselves has led to a crash in Miner's price.

Bitcoin bulls aim for $55K+ as short-term seller supply dwindles

Large financial institutions continue adding Bitcoin to their coffers, even after BTC price rallied 21% in the past week.

Researchers pair medical devices with blockchain to defend against cyberattacks

Digital security has become a paramount concern for the medical industry in the wake of the 2017 “WannaCry” cyberattack.

White hat crypto hackers unite to create crime fighting collective

Security Alliance was spearheaded by the head of Paradigm security and offers good hackers the chance to work with companies according to preset rules.

Pro-crypto candidate wins VP slot in Indonesia’s presidential race

An unofficial tally reportedly showed Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka winning Indonesia’s presidential ticket with roughly 58% of the vote.

Price analysis 2/14: BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE, LINK, DOT

Bitcoin price continues to march higher, fueled by robust demand from the spot Bitcoin ETFs. Which altcoins could follow BTC's bullish price action?

Fake Curve Finance app listed on Apple Store

Several unauthorized crypto apps that drain users’ assets when downloaded have been listed by tech giants over the years.

Meta’s AI boss says LLMs not enough: ‘Human level AI is not just around the corner’

According to Turing Award winner Yann LeCun, cats are still smarter than GPTs.

Ether ETF verdict: Gensler stays muted

SEC Chair Gary Gensler made no hint of the agency’s plans regarding Ether ETF applications.

‘Crypto is inevitable’ so we went ‘all in’: Meet Vance Spencer, permabull

The Framework Ventures co-founder’s journey from teen communist to co-owning $1.4 billion of SNX and LINK — while dodging SBF’s “dogshit.”

Privacy worries persist as UK’s digital pound CBDC plans progress

The U.K. government received over 50,000 responses to its consultation paper on the formation of a digital pound.

Valentine's nightmare? Romance scams remain a $1B honeypot for criminals

Those in search of love online are increasingly falling prey to romance scams, with $1.3 billion stolen in 2022 alone.

AI Cupid: ChatGPT offers relationship advice for Valentine’s Day

As the day of love is upon us, we asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini AI models to step into the role of digital cupid for relationship advice just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Uniswap founder warns community about ENS wallet impersonation scam

ENS founder and lead developer Nick Johnson commented on the scam, saying that interfaces should not autocomplete names.

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF passes 100K BTC under management

Investors keep accumulating spot Bitcoin ETF shares as combined daily inflows broke another record at $631.3 million.

Digitex Futures Exchange CEO indicted for violating Bank Secrecy Act

The Digitex Futures Exchange CEO was previously ordered to pay $16 million in penalties for failing to register with the CFTC and manipulating the price of its native token.

South Korean crypto exchanges reported 50% more suspicious transactions in 2023

The FIU has been actively encouraging crypto exchanges to report any transactions that raise suspicions of money laundering and illegal “foreign exchange outflow.”

Bitcoin bulls flirt with $69K BTC price target as crypto market nears $2T

BTC’s price seems unstoppable even pre-Wall Street as the highest levels since late 2021 greet Bitcoin bears.

EU committee greenlights world’s first AI legislation

The endorsement follows European Union member states voting to approve the final text of the EU’s AI Act.

Bitcoin breaches $1 trillion market cap

The total market value of Bitcoin’s circulating supply crossed $1 trillion after BTC’s price surged above $51,000.

Japan’s regulator suggests ‘stopping’ P2P transfers from fiat to crypto

The Financial Services Agency and the National Police Agency encourage banks to “further strengthen their user’s protection.”

Bitcoin faces $52K ‘brick wall’ at Bitfinex as BTC price erases 4% dip

Bitcoin could see trouble cracking through newly-laid ask liquidity above $50,000, the latest analysis concludes.

What are Bitcoin escrow services, and how do they work?

Bitcoin escrow services act as third-party intermediaries, holding Bitcoin in a secure account until predefined conditions are met.

US Treasury official urges Congress for more power against crypto crime

Brian Nelson tells House lawmakers that despite the agency’s authority to hold firms such as Binance accountable, more powers are needed.