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Coinbase-posing scammers steal $1.7M from a user amid a string of attacks

A victim who claims to have lost $1.7 million said a scammer called them claiming to be from Coinbase and sent emails that looked like they came from the crypto exchange.

$1M bug bounty for Solana Firedancer client goes live this week

Firedancer is a highly anticipated new validator client for the Solana blockchain and its creator is calling on devs to look high and low for any critical bugs.

Karma served: Pink Drainer gets hit with address poisoning scam

“The scammers have been scammed” — notorious crypto-draining took kit just lost 10 ETH to a wallet poisoning attack.

Bitcoin miner TeraWulf is open to merger but not for ‘empire building’

Expanding the number of Bitcoin machines or facilities “makes no sense” if profitability margins don’t increase, TeraWulf’s Kerri Langlais stressed.

China to ramp up brain chip program after teaching monkey to control robot

The country’s current progress appears to be on par with Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

Bitcoin recovery fizzles, but SOL, DOT, NEAR and KAS could rally

Buyers will need to keep Bitcoin above $53,500 to start a recovery in SOL, DOT, NEAR and KAS.

5 bullish arguments that Bitcoin price just bottomed at $53K

Bullish divergence on the price chart, September rate cut prospects, and increasing M2 supply are some catalysts that could resume the Bitcoin bull market cycle.

Judge dismisses coders’ DMCA claims against Microsoft, OpenAI and GitHub

The partial dismissal indicates complainants failed to demonstrate that GitHub reproduces human-created code.

Bitcoin traders hope bottom is in after BTC price bounces 9% from lows

BTC price action takes a break from endless downside to revisit $58,500, but Bitcoin bulls struggle to hold higher ground.

Taiwan central bank says no rush for CBDC launch

The Central Bank of the Republic of China mentioned handling government tenders through special purpose tokens to improve operational efficiency using smart contracts for bids and performance bonds.

Solana has impacted Africa’s crypto market maturity — Exchange exec

Adopting any technology is based on the strength of its community, and Solana has proven that with its African community.

North Carolina's CBDC ban bill vetoed by governor

Governor Roy Cooper was slammed for not putting "partisan politics aside” to support a law that would benefit all North Carolina residents.

Tron is building a gas-free stablecoin solution for Tron, Ethereum chains

Tron’s founder Jusin Sun believes gas-free stablecoins could take corporate adoption of blockchain to a new level.

Roaring Kitty fraud suit dropped, Ethereum Foundation hacked, and more: Hodler’s Digest, June 30 – July 6

Roaring Kitty fraud lawsuit voluntarily dropped, Ethereum Foundation email server hacked, and Circle becomes first MiCA-compliant stablecoin issuer.

Bitcoin mining difficulty hits lowest level since March as price tops $57K

The drop in mining difficulty should spell relief for the largest mining firms.

Valora launches ‘Mobile Stack’ Web3 launchpad for iOS and Android

The peer-to-peer payments company aims to grow Web3 beyond its current crypto-native audience.

Nigerian central bank alleges unauthorized transactions by Binance

Binance’s alleged illegal operations were highlighted in court on July 5, with a central bank official testifying on the lack of necessary licenses and regulatory approval.

Nigerian blockchain leader advocates AI to save African languages

The use of blockchain and AI to improve various areas of society is essential in Africa now more than ever.

Bitcoin sales by gov’ts just 4% of $225B bull market inflows — Analyst

BTC selling volumes generated by nation-states are a drop in the ocean in this bull market, argues CryptoQuant’s Ki Young Ju.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs see record inflows after July 4 dip

The Bitcoin price correction provided a strong opportunity for ETF investors to buy the dip.

Bitfinex to refund investors of its failed El Salvador Hilton hotel project

Bitfinex intends to refund all investors but is firstly awaiting a potential new offer from the debt issuer to keep the project alive.

US House may vote to overturn Biden's SAB 121 veto next week

While the House and Senate already voted to overturn SAB 121, it will need a two-thirds majority vote from both chambers to invalidate Biden’s veto.

Bitcoin miners ‘near capitulation’ as profits dry up alongside BTC sell-off

CryptoQuant analysts say Bitcoin miners are showing signs of “capitulation” as profit margins tighten in the post-halving climate and BTC price falls close to $50,000.

Taiwan Mobile receives VASP license, entry to crypto market

Taiwan’s second-largest telecom has found a way into the crypto market, bring resources and experience with it.

Crypto remittances in Venezuela surge as economic situation worsens

Sanctions from the United States, spiraling inflation, and government corruption have created an economic nightmare for Venezuelans.

Former US solicitor general claims regulators want to ‘debank’ crypto

Several parties have filed amicus briefs with the appellate court in support of Custodia Bank receiving approval for a master account from the Federal Reserve.

3AC-linked wallet bought NFT for $59K due to 3-year-old offer that wasn’t canceled

Arkham data shows that a wallet belonging to failed hedge fund 3AC spent $59,000 on the Neon Village NFT from artist Seerlight.

Big Tech faces financial reckoning if human-level AI doesn’t happen soon

Sequoia Capital says the industry needs to make about $600 billion in profit before the current expenditures start to make sense.

Web3 users hit 10M in Q2, MetaMask to enhance security: Finance Redefined

Consensys integrates Wallet Guard to boost MetaMask’s security, aiming to drive user fund losses to zero amid rising Web3 threats.

Ethereum traders turn bearish as ETH price dips under $3K

ETH price dropped to a multi-month low but ETH derivatives data suggests that traders believe the correction is over.