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DeFi platform Hedgey Finance hit by $44 million exploit

Over $500 million worth of digital assets were lost to hacks and exploits in Q1 2024.

Crypto community triumphs: Token2049 attendees brave Dubai storms

Ava Labs founder Emin Gün Sirer said that while there were challenges, it was “worth it” because of the energy the crypto community brought.

USDT aims to offer a lifeline to inflation-stricken nations: Tether CEO

Unlike other stablecoin issuers, Tether says it is focused on offering stablecoin services to the world’s unbanked, which amounts to over 300 million people.

Scammers exploit Google platform to promote phishing site

The malicious actors have reportedly registered multiple domains mimicking Whales Market.

New Bitcoin whales, ETFs are up only 1.6% in unrealized profit — Is the BTC bottom in?

The Bitcoin bottom may be in ahead of the halving, based on the profitability levels of large BTC holders and technical chart patterns.

What are memecoins good for? Social signaling, says Avalanche founder

Emin Gün Sirer believes memecoins have become an entertaining entry point for crypto-curious newcomers but remain risky investments.

5 things you didn't know about Bitcoin halvings and BTC price

As the market approaches Bitcoin's fourth halving on April 19, let's explore five intriguing facts about this phenomenon that may surprise even the most seasoned crypto-enthusiasts.

Tether’s USDT stablecoin goes live on TON blockchain

Tether’s and Telegram’s Web3 ecosystems are coming closer together with USDT and XAUT launching on the TON blockchain.

Why financial infrastructure needs to be open-source — Hyperledger

Governments and major financial institutions are actively building open-source blockchain solutions on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger tools.

Mapping on the blockchain, explained

Utilizing blockchain-based mapping enables decentralized storage of huge data, resolving latency concerns during data access and sharing.

BTC price hits $65K as rumor Middle East tensions are over boosts Bitcoin

Bitcoin liquidates shorts as seesaw BTC price moves accompany changing geopolitical signals.

Binance exec remains in jail as bail appeal fails again

Gambaryan’s lawyer, Mark Mordi, criticized the prosecution for failing to file a response to the additional affidavit submitted with his bail application.

Bitcoin ransomware Akira drains $42M from more than 250 companies: FBI

The U.S. FBI found that the Akira ransomware group has been targeting businesses and critical infrastructure entities in North America, Europe and Australia since March 2023.

Blockchains should make money move like email — Stellar Development Foundation CEO

Denelle Dixon believes the success of blockchain protocols will hinge on the ability of traditional finance to move value on- and off-chain.

SEC says Justin Sun ‘traveled extensively’ to US, giving sway to lawsuit

The SEC filed an amended suit against Justin Sun after the Tron founder sought to dismiss the suit last month, claiming the regulator had no jurisdiction.

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta wearables that read brain signals are coming soon

The new neural technology that Meta is developing will be “pretty wild,” said Zuckerberg, adding its first application will be for AR glasses.

Coinbase shares slump, but Base revenue signals it’s undervalued — Analyst

Crypto analyst Will Clemente believes Coinbase is “the biggest kind of venture style bet in public markets” since Tesla.

Ethereum on track for $1B annual profit as DeFi drives Q1 revenue

Ethereum saw first-time profits only last year and if it can keep pace with its 2024 first-quarter results, it could see $1 billion in yearly income by the end of the year.

Degen Chain L3 now tops the TPS charts within the Ethereum ecosystem

The average value transacted on Degen Chain is rather small at $0.27, however, compared to Ethereum and Base at $1,867 and $170, respectively.

Ethereum liquid restaking drove DeFi TVL to $100B in first quarter

Protocols such as Lido and EigenLayer have been behind the DeFi TVL resurgence.

Bitcoin briefly dips under $60K amid reports of worsening Middle East crisis

The price of Bitcoin briefly went under $60,000 for the second time this week after reports of explosions at an airport in central Iran.

Bitcoin hodlers moved $1.7B into ‘accumulation’ wallets during the BTC dip

A record 27,700 Bitcoin was sent to ‘accumulation addresses’ on April 16, as the price of Bitcoin tumbled below $63,000.

Bitcoin fees top Ethereum for 3 days in a row as halving approaches

Transaction fees will play an important role in keeping Bitcoin miners afloat after the halving as the subsidy for mining a block is set to fall from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

China and the crypto ETFs, Thai NFT music fest, KuCoin’s 1.3M new bots: Asia Express

Can three Chinese asset managers unlock rivers of gold with new crypto ETFs in Hong Kong? Plus Thai NFT music fest, and more: Asia Express.

Is Bitcoin’s negative futures funding rate a sign of an upcoming BTC price crash?

Bitcoin bears celebrate as demand for leveraged long positions hits a six-month low, but crypto traders on X think it's time to go long.

OneCoin lawyer gets bail pending appeal for conviction and 10-year sentence

Judge Edgardo Ramos determined that Mark Scott was not “likely to flee or pose a danger to the safety of any other person or the community if allowed to remain on bail.”

The Runes protocol will ignite a new season for Bitcoin after the halving

The Runes protocol will launch when Bitcoin's halving takes place, and a wave of new tokens will ignite a new season for the world's largest blockchain.

Blockchain data-availability protocol Avail announces 600M token airdrop

The airdrop was announced one year after Avail was spun-off from Polygon Labs.

DAO acquires rights to the image behind the Doge meme

Individuals behind the project said by acquiring the license to the iconic Shiba Inu image, they hoped to “unify the whole Doge community.”

Meta launches ‘most capable openly available LLM to date,’ rivaling GPT and Claude

Llama-3 may be the company’s most ambitious artificial intelligence project yet.