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UK Law Commission sees no need for DAO-specific legal entity

The UK Law Commission scoping paper suggested legal reforms for DAOs, a review of the Companies Act and international cooperation on AML and tax frameworks.

New bill suggests thwarting AI copycats, deepfakes with watermarks

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a new bill to tackle deep fakes, copyright infringement and AI training on data it’s not supposed to.

Germany has 9K Bitcoin left just 3 weeks after it started selling

Germany’s Bitcoin stack briefly dipped below 5,000 BTC after sending a mass of funds to Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken but has since moved some back.

Elon Musk did not volunteer his sperm to seed a colony on Mars

Billionaire tech CEO Elon Musk is certainly very hands-on with his work, but not like that, apparently.

Singapore ‘not ready’ for Bitcoin ETFs, sneaky crypto mining rig importer: Asia Express

Singapore isn’t in a rush to list crypto ETFs, according to SGX CEO this week as Philippines charges two over a $6M XRP hot wallet hack.

US senators strike deal to push ban on lawmaker stock trading

A bipartisan group of 20 US senators has reached a new agreement on legislation that would ban all members of Congress from trading stocks.

IREN tumbles after short seller calls miner ‘Prius at the Grand Prix’

Crypto miner IREN, formerly known as Iris Energy, fell 24% on the Nasdaq following a short-seller report.

Bitcoin index falls to ‘extreme fear’ as BTC fails twice to breach $60K

Bitcoin’s fear and greed index has tumbled to “extreme fear” for the first time since January 2023, as BTC struggles to reclaim a crucial price level.

US lawmaker asks Congress to treat Binance exec in Nigeria as a ‘hostage’

Rep. Rich McCormick called on the US government to formally declare Tigran Gambaryan as a hostage if his criminal case in Nigeria was not resolved by mid-July.

Former OpenAI employee quit to avoid ‘working for the Titanic of AI’

The real question is: Who or what is the iceberg in this scenario?

Bitcoin price struggles as investors expect Fed interest rate cuts — Why?

Bitcoin price is stuck in a downtrend even though investors are betting on Fed interest rate cuts. What gives?

Judge has ‘strong views’ about Coinbase inquiry into Gensler’s private msgs

Judge Katherine Polk Failla said she would hear from SEC and Coinbase lawyers on July 15 whether SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s private communications on crypto were fair game.

Bahamians didn't want CBDCs — So now they're being forced to use them

Regulators in the Bahamas are sick of their citizens' reluctance to adopt a CBDC, so they're forcing commercial banks to get on board.

BitcoinBlack deal brings crypto payments to telehealth, prescription drugs

Cardholders will be able to order and pay for prescriptions using crypto, the company says.

Bitcoin price will hit $330K this bull cycle — Analyst

Institutions are buying as Bitcoin dips under $60,000, strengthening the long-term bullish outlook for BTC’s price.

FDIC nominee Goldsmith Romero says banks can custody digital assets

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chair nominee stated her position amid the failure of Congress to overturn the SAB-121 veto.

DeFi apps targeted in apparent Squarespace DNS registry attack: Blockaid

Several DeFi apps have been targeted by a domain hijacker who may have discovered an exploit in Squarespace’s registry system, Blockaid stated.

Tony Blair Institute says AI is good for UK because ChatGPT said so

According to the researchers, automation will save the UK billions starting almost immediately, but outside analysts aren’t so sure.

Portal introduces ‘PortalPay’ interoperability for blockchain gaming

Portal aims to become the “Stripe of crypto” by lowering common barriers to entry for players eyeing blockchain video games.

Stop piling into leveraged Bitcoin ETFs and consider this instead

Leveraged Bitcoin ETFs are popular, but they often massively underperform the alternatives for crypto futures trading.

Coinbase launches unified onchain monitoring through new wallet app

Coinbase’s new wallet app will allow users to connect any self-custodial wallet for an aggregated view of assets.

House fails to override Biden’s veto on nullifying SEC crypto rule

Though the resolution overturning an SEC rule on banks handling crypto passed in the House in May, the legislation required at least 288 members to override President Biden’s veto.

How GoMining is revolutionizing Bitcoin mining through NFTs

How can retail investors profit from Bitcoin mining after the halving slashed profit margins?

Ethereum ETF inflows could hit $10B, sending ETH to new highs — Analyst

Expect ETH’s spot price to be more responsive to ETF inflows than BTC’s, says crypto investment manager Tom Dunleavy.

SEC will not pursue enforcement action against Paxos

The stablecoin issuer received an SEC Wells notice in February 2023 warning of a potential lawsuit over Binance USD as an unregistered security.

Bitcoin price CPI gains last just 1 hour as Mt. Gox sell-off fears linger

A clutch CPI print fails to buoy heavy crypto markets for long, with Bitcoin gaining then losing $1,000 within an hour.

How law enforcement struggles with sophisticated crypto laundering

Advanced crypto laundering techniques continue to challenge law enforcement and crypto-related services, as highlighted in a new Chainalysis report on money laundering.

Supreme Court ruling ‘changes the game’ for US crypto firms

The high court’s decision further bolsters the argument “that Congress, not an agency, should decide if — and how — to regulate Web3.”

Decade after Ethereum ICO: Blockchain forensics end double-spending debate

Magazine and Gray Wolf’s investigation concluded that Bitcoin was not double spent in Ethereum’s 2014 ICO, but illicit actors may have laundered their dirty crypto.

MicroStrategy plans 10-for-1 stock split to boost accessibility

MicroStrategy announces 10-for-1 stock split to enhance stock accessibility for investors and employees.