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Sushi taps into ZetaChain to begin testing native Bitcoin DeFi swaps

Decentralized exchange Sushi will test native Bitcoin DeFi functionality that promises to allow users to swap BTC across 30 blockchain networks.

Singapore central bank to trial live wholesale CBDC for settlements

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has unveiled its plan to launch a live wholesale CBDC used for settlements by local banks.

Web3 should draw newcomers, not be a ‘money grab from brands’ — Tech CEO

Using Web3 and NFTs to create another slate of millionaires isn’t a good use of the technology, says EndeavourXR CEO Amy Peck.

Polygon gas fees spike 1000% amid Ordinals-inspired token craze

Gas fees on the Polygon network reached as high as $0.10 during a mad rush to mint an Ordinals-inspired token called POLS.

No civil protection for crypto in China, $300K to list coins in Hong Kong? Asia Express

Chinese court knocks back civil lawsuit over “illegal” crypto, Hong Kong exchanges gain momentum, The Block gets $60M from Singapore firm.

No civil protection for crypto in China, $300K to list coins in Hong Kong? Asia Express

Our weekly roundup of news from East Asia curates the industry’s most important developments.

Hashkey Exchange — one of the first regulated crypto exchanges in Hong Kong — has announced insurance coverage for clients assets stored in its hot and cold wallets. accounts. The policy will cover 50% of Hashkey’s digital assets in cold wallets and 100% of digital assets in hot wallets and pay out anywhere between $50 million to $400 million in the event of a claim.

Hashkey’s partnership with fintech OneDegree will also see the pair co-develop novel crypto security solutions for the exchange to manage server downtime, data back-up, and load control. “Getting insurance cover from OneInfinity by OneDegree not only fulfills the Securities and Futures Commission requirements, we believe the collaboration can also enhance our financial, technical, and service infrastructure to provide our customers with comprehensive protection,” said Livio Wang, COO of Hashkey Group.

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Failed '$175M' real estate token raise draws ire of Texas regulators

"GS Partners promoted the products through a multilevel marketing scheme paying lavish commissions," regulators say.

Boosting blockchain adoption by keeping tech on the back end

Builders are increasingly looking to streamline their applications with more familiar interfaces to onboard new users,

AI identity platform combats ownership and deep fakes

The new AI identity platform Hollo.AI takes on key topics of transparency, ethical use and content sovereignty in the age of rampant AI-generated deep fakes.

Dubai’s crypto regulator VARA switches leadership as it ramps up operations

Outgoing head Henson Orser will remain a consultant after Matthew White takes over as the new CEO of Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority.

Game distributor G2A opens gaming-focused NFT marketplace

G2A Capital Group CEO Bartosz Skwarczek said that the marketplace will help gamers find information on Web3 games and buy and sell assets associated with the games.

Ethereum L2 Starknet aims to decentralize core components of its scaling network

Starknet has laid out its road map to begin decentralizing core components of its Ethereum layer 2 scaling network to defend against censorship and improve robustness.

Blockdaemon among founders of BSN Spartan Network governing body

The BSN Foundation’s “non-cryptocurrency” approach aims to create a stable network that would not be as volatile as traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Philippines to sell $179M in tokenized treasury bonds for the first time

Real-world asset tokenization as a concept has existed for some time. However, in 2023, with the growing interest of institutions, various governments have started experimenting with the idea.

Solana hoses down ‘inaccurate’ CertiK report on Saga phone security flaws

CertiK claims Solana’s Saga smartphone contains a critical “bootloader vulnerability” — Solana Labs says the claims are entirely inaccurate.

Solana jumps 20% as Cathie Wood lauds its speed and cost over Ethereum

Solana has drastically outperformed other major crypto assets, gaining nearly 200% in the last month.

Layer 2 networks hit $13 billion TVL but challenges still remain

Data from L2Beat shows that layer 2s are seeing greater adoption than ever before as users continue to desire lower gas fees.

Breaking into Liberland: Dodging guards with inner-tubes, decoys and diplomats

Disembarking the Liberty houseboat moored off the frontier of the European Union, we’re met by a pair of Serbian police officers, their lit squad car nearly blinding us in the dark forest.

“How many people are staying on the boat?” one asks, holding a large dog at bay. “I really don’t recall,” says my colleague from Reuters. Fortunately, they let us go.

We must run, using phone lights to navigate the muddy path to the rally point a bit further in Croatia, in hopes that the departing presidential convoy has not left us behind.

We are meters from the border of Liberland, an unrecognized micronation of crypto fans claiming a piece of land between Croatia and Serbia on the Danube river. At just seven square kilometers — 2.7 square miles — the piece of land is roughly the size of Gibraltar.

Liberland “president” Vít Jedlička explains it had not officially been claimed by either neighboring country, making it terra nullius — nobody’s land — when he planted a flag there on April 13, 2015.

The Croatian border. where officers were serious but friendly
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Breaking into Liberland: Dodging guards with inner-tubes, decoys and diplomats

Visiting Liberland — a crypto micronation between Croatia and Serbia — required decoys and diplomatic immunity to dodge the border guards.

Microsoft, Tencent and other tech giants join Decentralized Infura Network

Infura said the partnerships mark a major milestone in decentralizing and making its network more censorship-resistant.