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ZachXBT flags Lazarus-linked addresses worth $61M

ZachXBT flagged seven wallet addresses with $61 million in Bitcoin connected to the Lazarus hacking group.

Crypto exchanges exit Hong Kong license race ahead of May deadline

The queue of crypto exchanges for operational licenses in Hong Kong is shrinking as seven exchanges, including IBTCEX and Huobi HK, withdraw applications ahead of the May 31 deadline.

Bitcoin shorts worth $1.4B at risk of liquidation if BTC price hits $74.3K

The recent bullish price momentum is attributed to several factors, including increasing investor confidence, decreasing exchange supply and inflows into spot BTC ETFs.

Fidelity reportedly amends Ether ETF S-1 filing, removes ETH staking

Fidelity’s amended filing follows a U-turn from the SEC, as the regulator asked Ether ETF issuer to update their 19b-4 filings.

Ethereum’s Dankrad Feist joins EigenLayer, faces community backlash

Feist’s decision to join EigenLayer as an adviser follows in the recent controversial footsteps of Ethereum researcher Justin Drake.

Notcoin’s explosive growth drives crypto adoption on Telegram

Blockchain games built on TON are onboarding millions to Web3 on Telegram, with idle games like Notcoin leading the charge.

OpenAI suspends ChatGPT voice accused of mimicking Scarlett Johansson

OpenAI halts use of a new ChatGPT voice amid controversy involving Scarlett Johansson, who claims the AI voice closely mimics her own.

Could staked ETH be classified as a security? Galaxy researcher weighs in

Galaxy Research’s Alex Thorn raises concerns about the SEC potentially classifying staked ETH as a security amid Ethereum ETF approval speculation.

Yuga Labs halts CryptoPunks project after ‘woke’ community backlash

A community member said that Yuga Labs killed CryptoPunks with the new Super Punk World collection, while another threatened to sell their punk NFT.

US shutdowns lead to global decline in Bitcoin ATMs

Countries worldwide contributed heavily to the month-on-month increase in Bitcoin ATMs throughout 2024, collectively coming close to reclaiming the 38,000 mark.

How to buy Bitcoin on eToro

Discover the step-by-step process to purchase Bitcoin seamlessly through the user-friendly platform eToro.

Bitcoin liquidates $85M shorts as bull flag sparks $100K BTC price target

Bitcoin upside strength causes pain for shorters, but doubts remain over whether the BTC price rally can last much longer.

Microsoft’s new ‘Black Mirror’ recall feature records everything you do

“This is a Black Mirror episode. Definitely turning this ‘feature’ off,” commented Elon Musk on Microsoft’s new Recall feature.

Bitcoin hits record in Japan, Argentina and Philippines' local currency

For the first time in history, the price of one Bitcoin exceeded 11 million yen in Japan, while prices also peaked in terms of the Argentinean and the Philippines peso.

Anti-crypto FDIC chair Martin Gruenberg to step down — ‘best day ever’

Martin Gruenberg has faced criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike after an independent investigation revealed a range of workplace issues at the FDIC.

House Democrats won’t be forced to vote against two pro-crypto bills

A leaked email shows Democratic Party leaders “strongly oppose” two Republican-led crypto bills, but will not force House members to vote no on them.

Dark web market owner arrested in New York after FBI traces crypto

The FBI claimed it found Incognito Market’s alleged owner, Rui-Siang Lin, by tracking crypto from the dark web drug market to a crypto exchange account allegedly in his name.

Prometheum launches Ether custody service that treats ETH as a security: Report

The digital assets platform soft-launched its controversial Ethereum custody service on May 17 and is targeting a full launch next month.

Ethereum price soars on spot ETF rumor — How are ETH options markets positioned?

Ethereum price soared to a 2-month high at $3,700 today as analysts significantly boosted their expectation that a spot ETH ETF could be approved.

Ether surges 18% amid new hope for spot Ether ETFs approvals

If a 19b-4 spot Ether ETF filing be approved, analysts anticipate the SEC won’t immediately sign off on the S-1, which is required for the products to launch.

Ex-Florida congressman joins Coinbase Global Advisory Council

Stephanie Murphy, Tim Ryan, and Pat Toomey — all former U.S. lawmakers — are on the council advising Coinbase on regulatory matters.

Bipartisan bill for blockchain competitiveness passes US House

The Deploying American Blockchains Act of 2023 gives the Commerce Department a role in advancing blockchain technology.

CPI report spurs $932M inflows into crypto investment funds

Digital asset investment funds attracted $932 million in weekly inflows, according to CoinShares data.

SEC rumored to be reconsidering spot Ether ETF denial, say analysts

ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas said they had increased their odds of the SEC approving a spot Ether exchange-traded fund from 25% to 75%.

Bitcoin price hits $70K as spot and BTC ETF buying surges

Analysts believe Bitcoin price is en route to new highs now that the recent consolidation phase has come to an end.

US Senate overturns SEC’s anti-crypto resolution, but will Biden veto? Law Decoded

The U.S. president remains the last barrier to recalling the problematic anti-crypto resolution by the SEC.

Bitcoin price tops $68K, but a few concerning headwinds remain

Bitcoin price shows strength as investors expect the Fed to resume printing, but a handful of global macroeconomic headwinds are still in play.

US House to vote on FIT21 bill before holiday weekend

The legislation, passed out of committee in July 2023, would clarify how the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission handle crypto.

Price analysis 5/20: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin price is chasing after its all-time high and altcoins appear ready to follow.

White paper that birthed crypto ZK-proofs receives IEEE ‘Test of Time’ award

The paper, released in 2014, lays the foundations for blockchain privacy and scaling.