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Are DAOs overhyped and unworkable? Lessons from the front lines

Many contend that DAOs have failed to deliver on their promises, but developers are coming up with novel solutions.

North Korea's Lazarus Group responsible for $55M CoinEx hack: Report

Security firm SlowMist estimated that at least $55 million in digital assets were taken by the CoinEx hackers.

Opera browser debuts stablecoin wallet MiniPay in Africa

Opera’s new in-browser, non-custodial wallet runs on the Celo blockchain and targets the platform’s user base in Africa for P2P stablecoin transactions.

Crypto ahead in fintech investments in France and Germany in 2023: Report

Europe experienced a 50% fall in fintech investments in the first half of 2023.

Emurgo to invest and fill 21 areas 'missing' from Cardano: Emurgo CEO

Emurgo founder and CEO Ken Kodama told Cointelegraph that they’ve identified 21 areas that Cardano is missing, but are present in other blockchains.

Telegram integrates TON crypto wallet, TON price jumps 7%

Messaging app Telegram endorsed TON network as its blockchain network of choice for Web3 infrastructure, boosting the TON token price by 7%.

Blockchain active users can be misleading metric: Crypto data scientist

0xScope co-founder Philip Torres says it doesn’t take much effort to spin up thousands of blockchain wallet addresses and pump up user metrics.

NYU law professors argue ‘personal growth bets’ using smart contracts should be legal

The duo’s paper says self-contracts can help you quit smoking or lose weight, but incentives such as putting a bomb in your skull would surely test the limits of the law.

CoinEx exchange suspected of being hacked as $27M worth of crypto moved

A CoinEx hot wallet transferred $27.8 million of various tokens to a wallet with no previous history, leading experts to suspect a cyberattack.

MetaMask Snaps to let users interact with Solana DApps through Solflare

Solflare co-founder Filip Dragoslavic said that the integration removes the “friction” that prevented potential users from entering the Solana ecosystem.

Bitcoin ETF optimist and Worldcoin skeptic Gracy Chen: Hall of Flame

Gracy Chen, managing director of global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, advised her followers and friends not to scan their eyeballs in exchange for a few Worldcoin tokens.

“There’s a huge privacy concern,” she tells Magazine, adding that she isn’t optimistic about its price prospects given the anticipated influx of WLD tokens in the near future.

“There will be much more released in the upcoming year or two,” she explains.

Chen admits that her gig with Bitget is pretty cool, but it also means her American pals constantly bug her for favors.

“Since we stopped onboarding U.S. customers, I’ve had lots of friends who hold a U.S. passport ask if they can get a little back way to open an account.”

“I refuse a lot of requests like that. It is a red line that we just don’t cross,” Chen says. 

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Bitcoin ETF optimist and Worldcoin skeptic Gracy Chen: Hall of Flame

Gracy Chen is managing director of crypto exchange Bitget and judge of Web3 reality show Killer Whales.

Manta Network’s L2 hits mainnet to drive ZK-enabled DApp development

Manta Network has launched its zero-knowledge proof layer-2 scaling network, which promises lower fees and higher throughput for developers looking to deploy decentralized applications.

Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky seeks dismissal of FTC case

Former Celsius CEO is currently out on bail facing multiple charges of criminal fraud and market manipulation from various U.S regulatory agencies.

Venture capital exec says ‘lack of innovation’ drives funding away from crypto

Foresight Ventures partner Tony Cheng said that most of the narratives like layer-2 solutions, zero-knowledge tech and nonfungible tokens have already "played out."

Bitget exec says KYC is useful to filter out illegitimate users

Bitget managing director Gracy Chen said that if users are not doing illegitimate activities like money laundering, they should be "pretty comfortable" with the KYC process.

CNA Insurance excludes NFTs from coverage of $20M trust policy

The insurer attached an exclusion saying that any losses, damage, claim, occurrence or lawsuit related to NFTs are not covered by the policy.

Hackers behind $41M Stake heist shifts BNB, MATIC in latest move: CertiK

A total of $4.8 million in funds have now been moved by the hacker to Bitcoin and now Avalanche.

Banana Gun’s failed contract passed 2 audits, but ChatGPT found the bug in seconds

Banana Gun’s newly launched token plummeted more than 99% within three hours of its launch after a bug was discovered in the token's contract.

BIP-300 biff: Debate reignites over years-old Bitcoin Drivechain proposal

The proposal would allow other blockchains built on the Bitcoin network. In August, a core developer rewrote the proposal's code and requested it be added to Bitcoin's codebase, sparking new debate over its merits.