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Hong Kong SFC considers allowing Ether staking for ETF issuers

SFC reportedly held discussions with the country's crypto ETF issuers about providing staking services via licensed platforms

VCs dump $125M into new AI music platform — Can we all become beat makers?

Will we all soon be able to produce high-quality beats? VC investors seem to think this is the case as millions are poured into new AI music creation platform Suno.

Can Ethereum ETFs thrive without staking amid SEC scrutiny?

Regulatory concerns force Ether ETF issuers to abandon staking plans, sparking conflicting community views and discussions on investor appeal.

Court ruling dismantles would-be Bitcoin creator Craig Wright’s false claims

Following a protracted legal battle, a U.K. court has methodically broken down Craig Wright’s mountain of fabricated evidence and assertions regarding his true identity.

Hong Kong central bank studies AI’s impact on banking jobs and skills

HKMA deputy chief executive Arthur Yuen said that enhancing employees’ skills would allow them to “coexist with technology in the AI era.”

Bitcoin price at $150K in 2024 is ‘base case’ — Tom Lee

Bitcoin bull Lee sees BTC price action doubling its current all-time highs before the end of the year.

Stepn Go app lets users share digital sneakers and split earnings

With StepN Go, users are now able to share their digital sneakers with friends and split the earnings with the new token, the Go Game Token.

SEC Ethereum ETF discussions underway, S-1 approval expected in hours

Eleanor Terrett revealed that the SEC had started discussions with Ethereum ETF issuers regarding S-1 forms on May 22.

What is a crypto vault, and how does it work?

Learn how to enhance crypto asset security by safeguarding valuable cryptocurrencies offline using crypto vaults.

Nigerian prison fails to bring Binance exec to court

Prosecution counsel Moses Idehu requested a brief stand-down of the case, seeking to temporarily adjourn the matter later to resolve the issue.

Ethereum ETF decision due in hours as BTC price gets $80K May target

Bitcoin and Ethereum markets face a crunch day with volatility predicted around the Ether ETF decision.

StarkWare ZKThreads solution could prevent fund lockups similar to FTX

StarkWare’s ZKThreads introduces a new scaling framework to prevent fund lockups and improve DApp scalability, potentially averting scenarios like the FTX disaster.

Bybit CEO refutes insolvency rumors, shares proof-of-reserves

Ben Zhou shared a post on X, clarifying that none of the rumors have “any real facts” supporting them.

How to find a reliable crypto liquidity provider

Learn how to identify trustworthy crypto liquidity providers for secure and efficient trading. Discover key factors to consider and avoid common pitfalls.

Bitcoin Runes hype fades, transactions plummet 84%

Bitcoin Runes protocol caused an initial surge in Bitcoin transactions, exceeding 50% at its peak. Did the hype clog clear out?

Artificial general intelligence still more than 10 years away — Baidu CEO

AGI could potentially solve some of humanity’s most pressing concerns down the line, according to Baidu’s co-founder.

Nvidia’s Q1 results sent its stock soaring 6%, but AI tokens barely moved

Nvidia’s strong earnings report didn’t have the immediate effect on AI crypto tokens that traders expected.

18M Americans used or owned crypto in 2023 — Fed survey

Just 1% of United States adults reported using crypto for payment or to send money in 2023.

President Biden campaign team is hiring a master of memes

The successful candidate will be responsible for “engaging the internet’s top content and meme pages.”

CNBC Fast Money trader says Solana ETFs ’probably’ next, sparking debate

CNBC contributor and crypto investor Brian Kelly said Solana is one of the “big three” coins, meaning it’s likely to be the next to receive ETF treatment.

Nvidia doubles down on AI future as stock market cap tops $2.5T

The semiconductor giant plans to accelerate its AI chip production cycle following a bumper revenue report driven by AI data centers.

Bitcoin return to $73K could be a start to ‘escape velocity’ phase

A return to the $73,000 price range for BTC will likely be met with short-term holder resistance but could also mark a turning point for the asset.

FIT21 crypto bill passes US House: Here’s what could happen next

The crypto-regulating bill is headed to a cloudy future in the Senate with no companion bill and faces one of the country’s most prominent crypto critics.

‘Asia’s MicroStrategy’ Metaplanet smashes all other Japanese stocks

Trading in Metaplanet’s stock was halted for two straight days under Tokyo Stock Exchange rules as its shares rocketed over the last week.

3 reasons why Ethereum price looks ready to rally higher

Key Ethereum price metrics suggest that ETH’s pause at $3,800 is temporary.

US House approves FIT21 crypto bill with bipartisan support

Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act.

BlackRock, Grayscale and Bitwise amend ETF filings before SEC decision

With the SEC expected to decide by May 23 whether to approve or disapprove a spot Ether exchange-traded fund, three asset managers amended their 19b-4 filings.

Ethereum ETF approvals becoming 'giant political issue' — Joseph Lubin

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin expects several 19b-4 Ether ETF applications to get the green light but anticipates a long wait before they go public.

Ethereum rally stalls at $3.8K — Is SEC ETH ETF decision already priced in?

ETH price gained 25% off mere rumors, but Ethereum derivatives data suggests that Ether could see even more upside.

US lawmakers demand SEC-FINRA records on Prometheum ETH custody

Prometheum’s willingness to play along with the SEC’s ambitions for crypto regulation has stirred disapproval in many quarters.