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Ethereum is ‘woefully undervalued’ but growing more powerful: DeFi Dad, Hall of Flame

DeFi Dad has 152,100 Twitter followers. He’s a DeFi podcaster, head of portfolios at Fourth Revolution Capital and a prolific crypto YouTuber.

Who is this guy anyway?

Travis Blane, who is better known as “DeFi Dad” to his 152,100 Twitter followers, has been actively making crypto content since 2019.

He’s also the head honcho of marketing and portfolio support at Fourth Revolution Capital, an adviser for several Web3 projects, including Zapper and Push Protocol, and hosts two podcasts, The Edge Podcast and The DeFi Podcast.

Somehow, he still manages to tuck his two kids into bed every night and fight off monsters for them – which is completely on brand for Blane.

Blane is a jack of many trades but has defied the old saying and actually mastered some, too.

DeFi Dad
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Ethereum is ‘woefully undervalued’ but growing more powerful: DeFi Dad, Hall of Flame

DeFi Dad says he’d be shocked if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $500K within 10 years, but he thinks Ethereum is getting more powerful all the time.

Financial surveillance, privacy and CBDCs: Why are governments going cashless?

Attorney Marta Belcher joins The Agenda podcast to unpack financial surveillance’s vast infrastructure and warn of the potential ramifications of central bank digital currencies.

$160K at next halving? Model counts down to new Bitcoin all-time high

Bitcoin (BTC) price action may lack momentum this month, but one popular analyst is still eyeing new all-time highs.

In his latest analysis, TechDev confirmed that he believes BTC/USD will see a “parabolic top” around the 2024 block subsidy halving.

Can Bitcoin gain 500% in a year?

Less than 12 months away, Bitcoin’s next halving is already the topic of debate among market participants.

Some argue that the event will lay the foundations for the next all-time high, in line with previous halving cycles.

For TechDev, however, the new BTC price record should come sooner than later, in Q2 of 2024.

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Foresight Ventures pledges additional $10M for Web3 accelerator

The venture capital firm will allocate up to $200,000 to blockchain projects that it deems promising.

Web3 threatened by Web2.5 and regulations, exec warns

Outlier Ventures founder Jamie Burke warns that as projects compromise with products that are not interoperable, the vision of Web3 goes further from becoming realized.

Ledger key recovery service paused amid backlash, will open-source code

In a May 23 Twitter Space, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said the past week has been a “humbling experience.”

Ethereum price is pinned below $1.9K, and data suggests that is unlikely to change in the short–term

Ether’s price has been stuck below $1,920 for the past 16 days, which is especially concerning since the latest breakout attempt on May 6 lasted less than 24 hours. Excluding this brief price pump, Ether’s (ETH) journey below $1,920 was initiated on April 21, over 30 days ago.

One can likely blame the Ethereum network’s $8.80 average transaction fee for investors’ diminished appetite, but the macroeconomic environment has also played an important role. On May 22, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said it is impossible to predict the outcome of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, designed to curb inflation.

As CNN reported, Dimon added:

“You’re already seeing credit tighten up because the easiest way for a bank to retain capital is not to make the next loan."

The uncertainty surrounding the United States debt ceiling standoff between Joe Biden’s administration and the U.S. Congress is the probable cause for the worsening sentiment among institutional investors toward cryptocurrencies. According to CoinShares’ latest “Digital Asset Fund Flows Report," outflows across digital asset investment products hit $232 million over the past five weeks.

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Dispersion Capital launches $40M venture fund to ‘bring Web3 to the masses’

The firm aims to fund startups building infrastructure for Web3 and other decentralized technology projects.

Bitcoin surpasses Solana to become second most popular NFT blockchain

Bitcoin’s NFT market is growing, but it is primarily driven by newfound hype for memecoin trading on the blockchain.

Solana integrates AI into blockchain, raises grants fund to $10M

The ChatGPT plugin integrated into Solana is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub.

CBDCs on the horizon: The current state of CBDC initiatives around the world

Central bank digital currencies gain traction as countries worldwide engage in their development despite skepticism from the crypto community.

NFT ticketing dishes out a punch at mixed martial arts league

The mixed martial arts organization, Professional Fighters League, will use NFT tickets, becoming the latest sports body to explore the Web3 ticketing functionality.

Crypto City: Guide to Osaka, Japan’s second-biggest city

Osaka may or may not have been Satoshi’s home, Binance has moved in, the city hosted Devcon 5, and there’s finally a Bitcoin ATM again!

Crypto City: Guide to Osaka, Japan’s second-biggest city

Osaka may or may not have been Satoshi’s home, Binance has moved in, the city hosted Devcon 5, and there’s finally a Bitcoin ATM again!

Bitcoin ‘buys the rumor’ on US debt ceiling as BTC price nears $27.5K

BTC price action could attempt a reclaim of $30,000, analysis says, with Bitcoin climbing through its trading range.

Portfolio management provider GoodCrypto joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

GoodCrypto joins a dedicated Cointelegraph support program for Web3 innovators to increase its brand value and scale up marketing efforts.

PEPE price crashes 65% in two weeks as top whales take profits — More pain ahead?

Top Pepe mania profiteers have dumped their PEPE tokens en masse, suggesting declining holding interest among whales.

Bitget secures regulatory license in Poland, reserve funds up $80M in Q1

The cryptocurrency exchange secured VASP licensing in Lithuania in April.

Bitcoin volatility drops amid decline in liquidity, but a possible catalyst is approaching

Bitcoin volatility has dropped as new liquidity is not flowing into the market, but on-chain data presents multiple reasons why BTC investors continue to hold.