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What are ETF fund flows, and why do they matter?

ETF fund flows reveal investor sentiment. Learn how tracking the money trail can give you insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities.

‘Real opportunity’ for Bitcoin Runes will come after first wave of investor hype

Due to their initial lack of utility, Runes will trade akin to volatile memecoins at the beginning, according to pseudonymous DeFi researcher Ignas.

New Zealand tests the water on ‘digital cash’ issuance

New Zealand’s central bank has taken a four-stage approach to CBDC issuance and aims to issue an in-house digital dollar by 2023.

Grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF ‘halves’ before BTC halving

GBTC, the biggest spot Bitcoin ETF, has “halved” since the trading launch in January, but rivals like BlackRock’s IBIT have added more than 10,000%.

Web3 investment up 55% in Q1 as crypto VC interest rebounds

The number of Web3 venture capitalist deals also rose 36% in the first quarter of 2024, indicating wider interest in Web3 protocols.

Upbit suspends crypto transactions exceeding 1 million won

The suspension of Ten&Ten’s Travel Rule Solution service led to Upbit halting deposits and withdrawals exceeding the equivalent of $721.

Bitcoin bids stack above $60K as hopes of a BTC price rebound build

A classic tug-of-war between Bitcoin buyers and sellers is shaping up on order books, with a BTC price relief bounce sorely needed.

BTCFi is an ‘enormous opportunity’ to make Bitcoin a productive asset — Stacks

The market for Bitcoin L2s could meet and exceed Ethereum L2s with continued development, according to Stacks’ product lead.

Stablecoin competition crucial for regulatory engagement — Tether CEO

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino says adding new players to the stablecoin landscape is crucial to increasing legitimacy in the eyes of regulators.

Crypto-like communication devices could break gov’t surveillance — Telegram founder Durov

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram Messenger, believes that governments’ decreasing tolerance toward privacy will force innovations around secure communication hardware devices.

Bollinger Band suggests further Bitcoin downside, but bull market still on: Traders

Crypto traders are pointing to Bitcoin’s Bollinger Bands being “released slowly” as an indicator that its price could see some downward movement in the short-term.

Ore creator proposes rewards to tackle Solana congestion

Hardhat Chad clarified that he isn’t looking for funds from the foundation; his goal for Ore is to establish a currency, not develop testnet tools.

Withdrawals from real estate betting platform Parcl hit $74M after airdrop

Parcl users started pulling their funds from the protocol earlier this month after it said it took a snapshot for its recent airdrop.

Crypto market ‘underestimates the long-term impact’ of Bitcoin halving: Bitwise

In the month after past Bitcoin halvings, its price saw little movement — but in the next year it saw significant gains, says Bitwise Asset Management.

Bitcoin drops as dollar eyes ‘best 5-day run’ in 14 months on expected rate cut hold

As the U.S. dollar strengthens, Bitcoin’s price has declined leading up to its April 20 halving and the Fed’s expected rate cut pause in May.

Bitcoin miner stocks drop on ‘unsubstantiated’ post-halving profit fears: Analyst

Blockware Solutions analyst Mitchell Askew says fears around post-halving Bitcoin mining profitability are baseless as crypto miner stock prices have tumbled.

Why Bitcoin ETFs with ‘zero flows’ don’t mean what you think

Over 2,000 United States ETFs see no inflows on any given day — something thats “very normal,” says ETF analyst James Seyffart.

Railgun denies being used by North Korea as it nears $1B total volume

Privacy protocol Railgun, which security analysts have labeled a “prime alternative” to Tornado Cash, denied U.S.-sanctioned entities are using it.

Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2B for new venture funds

The venture firm is putting $600 million of its billions into a new gaming fund — which includes Web3, GameFi and AI-integrated gaming projects.

‘FOMO’ once drove GameFi funding, but VCs say it’s different this time

During the last bull run, VC firms were more concerned about missing out on the hype, but they’re taking a much more measured approach this time.

SEC has 'very low' odds of winning against Uniswap: Crypto lawyer

The Securities & Exchange Commission has chosen Uniswap — rather than a fraudulent actor — as its latest target. The commission is facing stiff odds of success.

Senate Banking Committee chair wants to combine stablecoin bill to boost chance of passage

A bill in the House of Representatives aimed at providing guardrails for stablecoins has not moved forward since July 2023.

‘Bitcoin will reach $1M, no doubt’ — Animoca founder at WebSummit Rio

Yat Siu spoke on the panel "Bitcoin's Revenge: Is Web3 Making a Comeback?" at WebSummit Rio in Brazil.

Bitcoin price falls under $62K amid wavering spot BTC ETF demand

Bitcoin price slipped below $62,000 as capital flows into the spot Bitcoin ETFs continue to taper off.

Israeli central bank official says CBDC competition with banks is good for economy

Bank of Israel deputy governor Andrew Abir is eager for the digital shekel to shake up commercial banks.

Tokenholders approve $7.5B AI merger

The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance’s new ASI token will begin trading next month and will be valued at $7.5 billion at launch.

Reversing layoffs of 2022? Crypto exchanges are adding staff members

Kris Marszalek reportedly said planned to “slowly, thoughtfully, and strategically” add new staff members as part of plans to increase the exchange’s registered users.

Iraq commitment to capture flare gas sparks crypto mining speculation

Iraq is looking to reduce both pollution and its dependence on fossil fuels.

GameFi ecosystem makes a comeback amid surging crypto prices

The number of daily active wallets engaging in GameFi has doubled over the past year.

UK trade association experiments with Regulated Liability Network

Eleven member organizations are taking part in the experiment focusing on the United Kingdom's RLN.