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Temasek slashes compensation for execs responsible for its $275M FTX investment

While “no misconduct” was determined by Temasek’s internal review, staff involved with the FTX investment will see a dent in their pay package.

7 presidential candidates have dropped clues about their crypto stance

There are currently many from the Democratic and Republican parties bidding for the job of president. Here's what they’ve said about crypto.

Turns out, it’s pretty difficult to insure crypto users and platforms

A crypto insurance provider will typically assess at least 2,000 variables across 20 risk areas before they even consider insuring a platform, according to an insurance executive.

Institutions seek detailed blockchain analytics for crypto adoption — Elliptic

Large financial institutions are getting involved in digital assets by investing capital, time and effort into on-chain analytics solutions.

Beijing releases white paper for web3 innovation and development

Hong Kong's crypto regulations coinciding with the white paper released in Beijing pique interest.

Biden strikes 'tentative' U.S. debt ceiling deal: Report

According to one of the sources familiar with the negiotation, there "might be one or two small things they need to finish."

FTX 2.0 coming up, Multichain FUD and Worldcoin raises six figures: Hodler’s Digest, May 21-27

FTX reboot is in the works, Multichain issues spark uncertainty and Sam Altman’s crypto project Worldcoin raises millions of dollars.

Binance kicks off transition to new platform in Japan

The move follows the acquisition of the regulated crypto exchange Sakura Exchange Bitcoin (SEBC) in November 2022.

Gemini files to dismiss SEC’s lawsuit over its earn product

Gemini called the SEC's lawsuit as "ill-conceived" against its Earn Product which offered yields to customers against their crypto deposits.

A week filled with exploits and uncertainty for DeFi: Finance Redefined

DeFi saw another multimillion-dollar rug pull this past week, and the Multichain saga continues to spiral out of control.

Neuralink gets FDA approval for ‘in-human’ trials of its brain-computer interface

The Neuralink device is designed to be surgically implanted and, according to CEO Elon Musk, will eventually be marketed to the general public.

Atlanta Fed explains Web3 finance, including XRP ‘international payment medium’

The highly accessible introductory text mentions all the concepts and names a curious reader would need, along with some assessments.

Binance and Gulf Innova to launch crypto exchange in Thailand in Q4 2023

Binance and its Thai partner Gulf Innova have secured digital asset operator licenses in Thailand to launch a new crypto exchange.

EU regulator urges crypto firms to disclose regulatory status of products

ESMA reminded investment firms that crypto will remain unregulated in most jurisdictions despite the upcoming adoption of regulations.

Open AI launches grant for AI democratic governance project

The company behind ChatGPT announced it will award ten grants of $100,000 to teams around the world to develop a democratic process for determining AI rules.

‘Exhausted all options’ — Unbanked to close after being left hanging by investor

Unbanked is yet another crypto firm to wind down this month, joining BottlePay, HotBit, Teressa, and most recently, TradeBlock.

Crypto firm Gemini picks Ireland as European base amid US crypto blues

Cameron Winklevoss has predicted a “Cambrian explosion” in European innovation once regulations are rolled out.

French lawmakers agree to loosen rules in proposed crypto influencer bill

Previously, the bill restricted influencer marketing to only licensed crypto firms, of which there are currently none in France.

Chinese TV’s crypto ‘bull run’ report censored, Multichain crisis: Asia Express

News of HK legalizing crypto exchanges censored by state media after just two days, meanwhile, Multichain token plunges after police arrest rumors.

DeSantis looks like the choice for crypto enthusiasts in 2024

Ron DeSantis understands the ethos of cryptocurrency. For single-issue crypto holders, that puts him ahead of the pack in the 2024 presidential race.