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Russia's largest bank issued gold-backed digital financial assets

The issuance became the second major operations of the bank with the new class of assets.

Bitcoin ASIC miner prices hovering at lows not seen in years

ASIC miners' price per terahash has fallen more than 80% from its peak in 2021 as Bitcoin mining machines continue to flood the marketplace.

DeGods and Y00ts NFTs are bridging off Solana. Here's why

The migration of Solana's top two NFT projects to Polygon and Ethereum is set for the first quarter of 2023 on an opt-in basis.

Near Project’s Octopus Network lays off 40% of its staff amid crypto winter

The remaining workforce is also expected to take 20% pay cuts, the project's founder said.

What are proof-of-reserves audits, and how do they work?

Crypto custodians generate public attestations about their cryptocurrency holdings through proof-of-reserves audits to demonstrate their solvency to depositors.

Andre Cronje says Fantom will focus on DApp ecosystem expansion in 2023

Fantom has previously pledged to cut its token burn rate by 75% to incentivize DApp development.

Defrost offers 20% payment to hackers as 'Exit Scam' allegations surface

"Merry Christmas guys. We got a lump of coal from Santa Claus," wrote one user in response to the allegations and the incident.

Crypto community expresses Christmas market sentiments: 'No Santa rally'

A community member pointed out that the lack of movements may be because of the controversies surrounding centralized exchanges.

Hackers drain $8M in assets from Bitkeep wallets in latest DeFi exploit

The BitKeep team confirmed that some APK package downloads have been hijacked by attackers and installed by users.

4 ‘emerging narratives’ in crypto to watch for: Trading firm

The crypto trading firm sees NFTs becoming more intertwined with brand IP, while Web3 apps with "real world utility" gain traction.

What are Handshake (HNS) domains, and how do they work?

HNS aims to provide a decentralized alternative to the traditional domain name system (DNS) — here’s how.

SBF sent home, FTX heads plead guilty, and Binance gets Voyager assets: Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 18-24

Crypto can get weird: The 5 strangest stories of the industry in 2022

Filmmakers are interested in documenting one of this year’s weirdest stories in crypto, but what else made the list?

Bridge attacks will still pose a major challenge for DeFi in 2023: Security experts

Hackers have stolen over $2.5 billion through vulnerabilities on cross-chain bridges in the past two years.

What is Wrapped XRP (wXRP), and how does it work?

Learn what Wrapped XRP is and how to use wXRP on blockchains other than Ripple’s XRP Ledger.

Be ‘very wary’ of crypto proof-of-reserve audits: SEC official

SEC’s acting chief accountant Paul Munter said that investors shouldn't place too much confidence in a company holding up a proof-of-reserves audit.

The most eco-friendly blockchain networks in 2022

This year saw the realignment of the crypto industry toward greener, more energy-efficient blockchains.

North Korean hacking activity ceases after regulators implement KYC - Report

Intelligence officials that out of $620 million in crypto stolen by North Korean hackers this year, none were related to South Korea.

Yat Siu’s Big Ideas: We’re already living in the Metaverse

Immunefi says it has facilitated $66M in bug bounty payouts to whitehats since inception

The average bug bounty payout over 1,248 confirmed reports was $52,800.