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Cosmos-based DeFi lending protocol Nolus joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Nolus’ DeFi lending protocol aims to onboard more people by solving collateralization inefficiencies.

SEC is killing innovation in United States - 1inch co-founder

American-based Web3 companies and cryptocurrency exchanges could be pushed to move offshore following enforcement actions against Coinbase and Binance.US.

NFT platform Enjin forks Polkadot parachain Efinity to new mainnet

Enjin CTO Witek Radomski said that the new blockchain aims to promote creativity by facilitating the easy and affordable creation and distribution of NFTs.

Polygon president testifies on democratizing the internet with Web3, blockchains

The House Committee explores blockchain and Web3's future, as industry leaders testify on democratizing the Internet and regulatory challenges.

CEX trading volumes fell to 4-year lows even before Binance, Coinbase suits

Monthly trading volumes on centralized exchanges continued to fall in May as regulators tighten their grip on the industry.

Cumberland Labs unveils SaaS API for public blockchains and DeFi protocols

When Cumberland Labs looked for a gateway between blockchains and DeFi protocols, it came up with its own universal API service.

Metaverse investments: Opportunities and risks of the trillion-dollar VR market

What are the best metaverse projects that investors should keep on their radar? Cointelegraph Research Metaverse Ranking Awards the top projects

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange completes proof of concept to tokenize fiat and bonds

In its proof of concept, TASE minted the first ERC-1155 security token representing a dummy digital government bond.

Heilpern loves Bitcoin, hates bullshit… was a China state media journo: Hall of Flame

Layah Heilpern has attracted a big following for her no-bullshit take on Bitcoin. Weirdly, in a former life she worked for China state media.

Optimism successfully completes ‘Bedrock’ hard fork, reducing deposit times, layer-1 fees

The upgrade is part of a series of reforms meant to increase modularity in the OP Stack, allowing developers to spin up their own networks using the software.

Sequoia Capital announces three-way split to separate China business

One of the world’s largest venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital, will split into U.S./Europe, India/SEA, and Chinese branches.

Coinbase stock plunges 20% on SEC lawsuit

The cryptocurrency exchange faces scrutiny from state regulators simultaneous to the SEC litigation.

Breaking: Coinbase targeted by state security regulators concurrent to SEC lawsuit

The SEC is suing the cryptocurrency exchange for alleged unregistered securities offerings.

Tornado Cash 2.0: The race to build safe and legal coin mixers

Projects are racing to create legal coin mixers that preserve privacy while revealing just enough data to stay on the right side of the law.

Dev shares how ENS plays a role in decentralized social media

Makoto Inoue highlighted that Web3 socials are not limited to online platforms but can also be applied offline, putting records of having met people in the blockchain.

Atomic Wallet hacker sends crypto to mixer used by Lazarus Group: Elliptic

Stolen crypto from Atomic wallets is already on the move to mixers according to Elliptic.

Tether invests in El Salvador's $1B renewable energy project

El Salvador’s plans to build a billion dollar renewable energy precinct has found a first round investor in stablecoin issuer Tether.

Blue-chip collaterals help stabilize NFT lending: Paraspace

"We only support blue chip NFT to reduce the risks," said Paraspace developers.

GameStop NFT back in the spotlight after partnership with Illuvium

The partnership will debut 20,000 nonfungible tokens in its inaugural collection.

The blockchain and AI bond, explained

Discover the potential of combining blockchain and AI for enhanced transparency, privacy, collaboration and innovation in various industries.