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Crypto bills pass congressional committee in 'huge win' for US crypto

Two crypto regulatory bills have been passed by the United States House Financial Services Committee United States in one day.

ERC-20 inventor discusses origins, new blockchains, BRC-20 and more

Fabian Vogelsteller has been working full-time to create his new blockchain since 2018, with its mainnet launching just this May.

EOS Foundation to sue on failure to honor $1B commitment

Potential plaintiffs in the new lawsuit by ENF may need to opt out of other suits against to be eligible to participate.

‘Elegant and ass-backward’: Jameson Lopp’s first impression of Bitcoin

Jameson Lopp says none of the developers “deep into Bitcoin” think the protocol should be allowed to ossify: “There’s so much work to be done.”

South Korea strengthens crypto regulation with LEI adoption and crime unit

The decision was driven by the country's concern over illicit activities in the crypto market and the desire to safeguard investors.

Worldcoin struggles to find new users willing to scan iris for crypto

The controversial crypto project’s new sign-ups have dwindled and numbers pale in comparison to the 2 million sign-ups before the launch of the project.

Binance withdraws crypto license application in Germany

The crypto exchange’s move to withdraw its license in Germany comes amid reports that the exchange faced rejection from regulators.

Binance lists new zero trading fee stablecoin, halts shortly after on technical issues

Ahead of the launch, Binance said it would offer zero maker fees for all FDUSD trading pairs.

Reddit prepares to drop Gen 4 collectible avatars on Polygon

Despite the downturn in the NFT industry, Reddit continues to attract new holders of digital collectibles issues on blockchain.

Ant Group reportedly plans IPO, blockchain firm discloses offer price on Nasdaq, and more

Ant Group is reportedly cutting off its blockchain and database management businesses from its main entity to prepare for an upcoming public offering.

UK crime agency scouts for seasoned crypto investigators

The ideal candidate to join the National Crime Agency will be an existing member of the police staff who is a certified accredited financial investigator (AFI).

Deloitte, Chainalysis alliance to give law enforcement a crypto edge

Big Four accounting firm Deloitte said the partnership could help authorities identify and take down bad actors hiding "behind the keyboard."

Researcher envisions smart education system built on blockchain, DAO, NFT, and AI

According to the research, combining the technologies will result in 12 distinct advantages over the traditional educational system.

Zero-knowledge tech development heats up amid bear market

The intersection of ZK proofs and multichain bridges has become one of the industry's more intriguing development.

Alphapo payment provider hack now estimated at over $60M — ZachXBT

The on-chain sleuth ZachXBT claims to have found an additional $37 million in losses suffered from the unconfirmed attack.

Avalanche Foundation allocates $50M investment to on-chain asset token purchases

Called "Avalanche Vista," the initiative will consider investing in any asset that can be tokenized.

Era Lend on zkSync exploited for $3.4M in reentrancy attack

The lending app was drained of funds using a “read-only reentrancy” bug, a type of vulnerability that is often difficult for auditors to spot.

Solana game developer Automata announces mass layoffs

"It is with a heavy heart that I am writing today to share news about team restructuring efforts we are effectuating today," wrote CEO and co-founder Michael Wagner.

Axie Infinity creator to develop new game in partnership with CyberKongz

Sky Mavis executive Kathleen Osgood said that the catalyst for the revival of blockchain gaming would be an experience that understands the motivations driving users into Web3.

Bitget surpasses 20M users as wallet integration spurs trading volumes

The platform is now among the four largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume after integrating with recently acquired wallet service Bitkeep.

Former CFTC chairman says stablecoins can be a bridge between two worlds

Timothy Massad, the former CFTC chairman, highlighted the benefits of stablecoins and urged regulators not to discredit their utility when it comes to regulations.

Worldcoin may face UK data regulators inquiry days after launch: Report

The project has faced criticism from within the fintech world over its dystopian features and privacy concerns.

China’s blockchain satellite in space, Hong Kong’s McNuggets Metaverse: Asia Express

China launches world’s first blockchain satellite into space, meanwhile, McDonalds Hong Kong brings McNuggets into the Metaverse.

Gaming DAO warns users of fake airdrops amid social media hacks

The decentralized game publisher said their team has witnessed a significant rise in phishing attempts within their community and in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Japan PM reaffirms Web3 plans as Binance announces imminent launch

Fumio Kishida described Web3 as a "new form of capitalism" in a keynote address at WebX conference in Japan.

Arkham Intel Exchange approves $5K bounty for info on Do Kwon and Terra wallets

Terra co-founder Do Kwon is currently in Montenegrin prison as the platform remains under scrutiny in South Korea, but crypto users continue to seek out information on wallets.

Worldcoin launch raises eyebrows as WLD price notches a double-digit gain

Worldcoin price soared to $3.58 shortly after launching but traders and crypto advocates have many concerns.

Twitter vs. Threads: Users are the real losers

The world’s eyes turned in excitement to the battle between Elon Musk's Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg's Threads, but users emerged as the real losers.

New research shows how brain-like computers could revolutionize blockchain and AI

A CMOS-compatible neuromorphic computing chip could be on the horizon thanks to breakthrough research out of Technische Universität Dresden.

Worldcoin launch divides opinions - crypto community has its say

“What could go wrong?” Decentralized ID protocol Worldcoin has launched, receiving mixed takes from the cryptocurrency community.